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we didn't have near the weather they had in the south, but here in the north, it was howling last night. the wind and the rain were crazy. some intense down pours and whipping winds. we're going to have more on the weather system with al in a couple of minutes. >> also to newtown, connecticut, where it was an emotional scene last night. parents of the young victims at sandy hook elementary school spoke out at a meeting on gun violence. we'll also hear what happened on capitol hill yesterday coming up. on a much different note, remember when the blackberry was a cool device to have? after years of falling behind the iphone and droid, blackberry is unveiling two new smartphones, including one we have right here. a lot of the reviews are very good, but people are asking whether this can be cool enough to get blackberry back into the smartphone game. we've got the company's ceo joining us live. we'll ask him that question. later, jason beatman stops
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by and a sneak peek at "30 rock." we say good-bye, kind of an end of an era around here. >> major guest star on that program tonight, we'll save that for later. starting with the powerful storms, al roker is strtracking them. good morning. >> good morning, matt and savannah. massive tornado, may be rated an ef-4 when all is said and done. you can see how huge it looks on the ground. let's look live right now in adairsville, georgia. you can see some of the destruction that was left behind, at least one fatality in this system. we look at some of the aftermath now that went on as rescue workers got to the scene. there was one area where 100 people were trapped inside of a factory, causing big problems there. you can see cars tossed around like toys, and more damage throughout the rest of the south, as well. in fact, we had heavy rain, a
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lot of flooding from the carolinas, all the way into the southeast, where it was a real mess. now, as we go to the maps and show you exactly what happened. here's the system, here's adairsville along i-75 northwest of atlanta. this pushes through, and there it is right around 11:15 yesterday morning. you can see the heavy precipitation that's coming down. it then continues on through and the good news is, this was a quick-moving system. but take a look. we've had now 13 confirmed tornados touching down. 664 severe thunderstorm wind gust reports as the day wears on. continue to move to the east, and as you can see, we've got even now 11 more unconfirmed tornados that are going to be investigated today ahead of this system. a lot of rain. we've had wind gusts over 70 miles per hour. thousands are without power here in the northeast. behind it, a lot of snow to talk about. we'll have that coming up in the next ten minutes, savannah? >> thank you.
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now to the drama in alabama this morning where a suspect is holding a 5 year old hostage in his underground bunker. gabe gutierrez is there this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. up the road behind me, police have been working more than 40 hours to free this 5 year old. so far, he's unharmed. police have been able to bring him medicine and even a coloring book. today we're learning more about his alleged kidnapper. hostage negotiators have been talking to the suspect through a pvc pipe attached to what's described as a tornado bunker. a police source identifies him as 65-year-old jimmy lee dice, a survivalist who distrusts the government. neighbors say he's a loner, always menacing. >> this man has exhibited, for years, signs of instability. >> did he scare you? >> he terrified me. he was, basically, a ticking
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time bomb. >> reporter: on tuesday afternoon, the police source says the gunman boarded a stopped school bus near this church and demanded a few random children come with him. it's not clear why. the bus driver, 66-year-old charles poland jr., refused to let children go, that's when dice shot poland multiple times, killing him. as officers closed in, witnesses that shot this cell phone video say the suspect grabbed one of the children, who had fainted, and took the kindergartner to his property nearby. the child has been identified simply by his first name, ethan. he turns 6 in a few weeks. ♪ in midland city, vigils wednesday night to pray for ethan and remember the bus driver. >> oh, he's definitely a hero, because he did everything he could to save those children. >> reporter: all of this
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shocking this small community in southeastern alabama. >> to think that he's holding this poor, innocent little child, it just -- it is incredibly overwhelming. >> reporter: court records show that the suspect was supposed to be in court wednesday morning to face a misdemeanor charge of menacing a neighbor. police aren't sure what role, if any, that played this a motive. savannah? >> thank you. this is, nfbl, an incredibly difficult time for 5-year-old ethan. earlier this morning i spoke with alabama state representative steve klauss and harry ann smith. they've been in touch with ethan's family and i began by asking them how the family is holding up. >> well, right now, savannah, they are just holding on by a thread and the whole community, the whole county is coming together. we have five prayer vigils last night around the county.
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people are hopeful that we can bring this to a successful end, but at the same time, we have the family of the slain bus driver whose lives have been devastated. he started the day as a school bus driver, and he ended as a hero. >> senator smith, let me ask you about this medical condition we understand ethan has. i understand there's been some medication that's been given to him. is it the sort of condition that might be even more serious if he doesn't get medical attention soon? >> listen, his medication's being given. his mother is aware and provided the medication and feels very comfortable that he's calm and is doing well. and has taken comfort in that, so we're very pleased that that's happening. >> representative klauss, is there any connection between this little boy and the suspect who's holding him?
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do they know each other at all, or do we think this is a stranger abduction? >> no, i don't think they know each other. i think it's just a random kidnapping here for this man. >> senator smith, has there been any kind of communication with ethan himself? i know authorities and negotiators are talking somewhat to the suspect. has there been any communication with the child? >> you know, representative klauss and myself have been with his mother, and by the way, she calls ethan "love bug." that's her little nickname for her, and she has been given information that she feels comfortable that they've spoken with him and that he's doing well. >> and finally, representative klauss, what, if anything, can you tell us about the suspect here? >> not much. i think he's new to this particular neighborhood. a lot of folks don't really know him and don't know what his motives are.
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we're waiting to hear from the authorities on what's prompting him. >> representative close and smith, please pass our best to the family. >> thank you, savannah. >> thank you. let us get a check of the morning's other top stories from tamron hall. >> good morning, everyone. a major security breach at "the new york times" as they uncovered cyber attacks on its computer system originated in china. latest from beijing, ian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamron, "the new york times" says the experts they hired have little doubt the cyber attacks on their newspaper came from china. hackers infiltrated their computer systems, "the new york times" reports, stealing passwords for reporters and other employees in an effort to break into their e-mail accounts. security experts told the times the attacks was covered in
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china's digital fingerprints. experts gathered evidence chinese hackers, using methods some consultants have associated with chinese military in the past, breached the times network. they say the cyber attacks coincided with the investigation of the prime minister, who accumulated billions of dollars through their business dealings. that investigation was highly embarrassing to a communist leadership reeling from accusations of top-level corruption. though hacking "the times" is the latest in a string of cyber attacks against the foreign media. >> we have security consultants who say these attacks originated in china. >> what's china's position on this? >> reporter: a spokesman today described accusations as irresponsible. while the media may be the latest target, there is growing evidence of a far more widespread spying operation,
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apparently originating in china and provoking growing alarm among u.s. officials. and on that growing target list, u.s. companies and government agencies, as well as journalists and activists whose work has angered the chinese government, tamron. >> ian, thank you very much. a man hunt is under way in phoenix, arizona, after a shooting in an office building on wednesday left one person dead and two others wounded. police say the 70-year-old suspect is, quote, armed and dangerous. and with the super bowl just days away, jimmy fallon decided to let the puppies do the predicting. yes, last night on late night. seemed these little guys were up past their bedtime. >> race to one of those bowls as fast -- are you listening to me? hey, don't fall asleep. he went back. he doesn't want to do it. there you go, there you go. you can do it.
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take it. here you go. the ravens! >> so, even after he released the hounds, only a few made it to the dish, but it is still a definitive win for the ravens, as you see there. it is now 7:12. back to savannah, matt, and al. isn't that adorable? >> low-scoring game, though, 3-0. not bad. exactly. >> field goal, basically. >> maybe he needed better dog food, i don't know. >> thank you, tamron. >> thank you. mr. roker is here with a check of the weather. busy night for you. >> busy day, as well. a lot of cold air, upper level low, arctic air across the great lakes with almost no ice on them. we are going to be looking at lake effect snow, we have lake effect snow watches and warnings all the way to watertown, new york. we are going to be looking at anywhere from 3 to 9 inches of
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snow, but between lake erie, between erie and buffalo and back to watertown, we could see up to two feet of snow and locally some areas could get a little bit more. we'll have your local forecast, but first, this message. your l but first this message. would define you as an innovator. to hold more than one patent of this caliber... would define you as a true leader. ♪ to hold over 80,000... well, that would make you... the creators of the 2013 mercedes-benz e-class... quite possibly the most advanced luxury sedan ever. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. 7:14 on a thursday morning. good morning to you. a beautiful day shaping up. our air quality is not that bad. we're in the good to moderate range and highs hitting 70s in places like gilroy. 69 degrees not too shabby in
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santa theresa today. getting into the weekend, temperatures are going to tumble just a bit. we'll hold onto beautiful winter warmth and monday into tuesday, clouds increase and rain on the way for wednesday. latest weather. matt. >> thanks very much. there was an emotional meeting in newtown, connecticut, where some of the parents killed at the sandy hook elementary school spoke out about gun violence. nbc capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell has more on that. >> good morning. it was hard to watch because the families living with the fallout of gun violence know how hard a climate it is to get any kind of change to gun law. in connecticut and washington, they want officials to know what they've been through. >> reporter: their grief and rage barely contained. >> i remember looking at him in his casket and holding his hand. no parent should hold this memory of their child. >> reporter: the fathers.
7:14 am
>> the liberty of any person to own a military assault weapon and high capacity magazine and keep them in their home is second to the right of my son to his life. >> reporter: husbands. >> these are not partisan issues. resist distraction from special interests. >> reporter: and mothers at sandy hook elementary. >> you do not use a gun against someone else unless you're angry or a victim. >> reporter: together wednesday night in newtown with connecticut officials from both parties grappling with the complex balance of gun safety and gun rights. reinforced with applause. many there demanded new gun restrictions, like bans on assault weapons and high capacity clips. the same kind of pain and frustration drove gabby giffords and husband, mark kelly, back to capitol hill wednesday two years after the shooting that nearly took her life and did take much
7:15 am
of her eyesight and ability to spea speak. >> we must do something. >> reporter: working from her speech therapists handwritten notes, giffords pushed herself to deliver her handwritten message. >> you must act. be bold, be courageous. >> reporter: but a different message from the head of the national rifle association. wayne lapierre who rejected democrats proposal to inject background checks at gun shows and gun sales. >> we have to look at what works and never works. my problem with background checks, you will never get criminals to go through universal background checks. >> that was the first hearing related to guns since newtown. others are planned like mental health issues and dealing with violence in video games. senate democrats will have to lead the charge on this and say they expect to have some kind of bill written to get it going over the next month.
7:16 am
>> kelly o'donnell in washington, what i'm sure will be an emotional moment, the chorus from sandy hook elementary school will be singing "america the beautiful" before sunday's super bowl game. >> federal agents are culling through dozens of boxes from a from nent florida eye doctor and now scrutiny falling on a top ranking democratic senator. justice correspondent pete williams has the story. good morning. >> good morning. federal officials are declining to say exactly what's behind the search but the doctor is well-known is south florida. he's been an active political contributor and friend of senator robert menendez, the subject of an ethics complaint. >> reporter: in florida, federal agents hauled away boxes of material tuesday night and witnessed from the office of a west palm beach eye doctor. he and members of his family are big political contributors. records show they've given more than $33,000 in the past 15 years to u.s. senator robert n
7:17 am
menendez. >> this hearing of the senate foreign relations committee -- >> reporter: he just took over as chairman of the senate florida relations committee. they appeared at a gala chaired by milgen. the senate ethics committee has received a complaint from a new jersey republican official who complained menendez got rides on a private plane to the dominican republic and elsewhere without disclosing them. >> senator went on flights to dominican republic and flights to puerto rico, et cetera from this doctor down in florida on his private jet, which he had failed to report. >> reporter: in a statement, saturday menendez called the doctor a friend and political supporter many years and took three trips on that plane but paid for and reported them properly. but his staff said he wrote a
7:18 am
check two weeks ago three weeks after the ethics complaint was made to reimburse the doctor $58,000 for two trips in 2010 and the senator refers to a series of claims made on conservative websites saying he met with prostitutes while in the dominican republic. those allegations, they say are manufactured, politically motivated and false, based on a series of anonymous e-mails that first surfaced last april sent to a political watchdog group in washington called crew. but when the tipster repeatedly declined to talk on the phone or agree to a meeting, the group turned the messages to the fbi. >> it turns out he has no real interest coming forward and making sure this matter can be investigated as a law enforcement issue. it seems he's much more interested seeing it brought to light as a big scandal. >> reporter: as for the search in florida, federal officials say agents from the department of human services were involved meaning they may be looking into
7:19 am
allegations of health care fraud. coming up, if you're getting geared up for the super bowl, why you should be on the lookout for fake nfl merchandise. blackberry takes a swing at the iphone. will you switchback? first on "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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coming up, was the admitted mastermind of the manti te'o girlfriend hoax the only person who pretended to be lenna lennay kekua? >> and the wild weather that affected the northeast. ( ♪ ) for those nights when it's more than a bad dream, be ready. for the days when you get a sudden call from the school, be ready. for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer,
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i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. donuts? ♪ you're cute. [ door closes ] [ female announcer ] new special k protein cereal helps keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? [ traffic sounds ] ♪ help satisfy your hunger longer with the special k protein line. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? it is 7:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. a big rig crash to tell you about tying up highway 101 in the south bay expected to be cleared up soon.
7:25 am
let's check in with mike inouye with the latest on what's happening. >> let me show you video of this crash that tied things up for four hours this morning from 3:00 to 7:00 we had three lanes blocked at one point by this big rig that hit a pole we're told. then there was a fuel leak. minor injuries to the driver. we had the traffic tied up for four hours. just clearing all lanes now over the last 15 minutes. let me show you the backup that continues now as thumbs up mean the road is clear but look at the jam slammed back into san jose for 101 coming off 680 and now 280 jams coming up toward 880 and new complications off the same interchange north 280 with a crash coming from downtown. moving to the shoulder complicating things from southbound 880. we do have slowing for the rest of the area including the b.a.r.t. line. delays from daly city to the east bay in that direction because of some equipment problems on the tracks. for the backup in the south bay,
7:26 am
caltrain and vta are a good option for you. the rest of the bay area showing a typical build south 880 and san mateo bridge to show typical commute flow coming out of the altamont pass through livermore. the earlier crash in sunol cleared and we're back to a normal commute through that area. pockets of fog but not today. >> looks like that's the last thing you need this morning. what a rough drive. good thing you're here to help us through it, mike. temperatures are chilly. upper 30s and 40s. live picture beautiful sunrise over san bruno. as we head throughout the day today, look at where we are headed temperaturewise. 70 degrees in gilrogilroy. 66 in oakland. tomorrow just about as warm. we'll take your temperatures down a couple degrees as we get into super bowl sunday but still staying nice. monday into tuesday, clouds increase. then we get showers, jon, on wednesday. we need that rain. over to you. >> we indeed do. that's truly a feel good
7:27 am
forecast. thank you very much. we'll have another local update coming your way in one half hour from now. we hope to see you then. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh.
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oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. take a look at that image right now. you're looking at severe flooding going on in montgomery
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county, maryland, part of the powerful storms that moved through the south and spawned powerful tornadoes in adarsville georgia, wednesday, demolishing homes and businesses. al will have more on that system in a couple minutes. meanwhile, we're inside studio 1a. i'm matt lauer and savannah guthrie, we're going to talk about the smartphone smackdown. are you an iphone user or android or blackberry or use both at the same time like savannah. >> pblems with commitment. >> they're very good. the question is are they too late. the ceo will show us what's new and very cool about these new devices. >> there's very unusual features. we'll tell you more about that. then at the super bowl sunday, fans are stocking up on hats and jerseys and souvenirs. a warning some of the gear is actually fake and could be
7:30 am
funding major crimes. new details in a rossen report. a tragic shooting, a 15-year-old girl who actually performed at president obama's inauguration was killed this week one mile from her home in chicago and we will hear from her father coming up. >> a sad story and what could be blackberry's attempt to come back with two new smartphones. we'll talk to that company's ceo but first, stephanie has more on the newest challenger to the iphone. >> good morning. smartphone technology has moved so fast the last decade, seems there is a must have every couple of months. blackberry has struggled to keep up and now their business depends on this phone. one journalist calls it their hail mary pass. research in motion has a new pho phone, one they probably should
7:31 am
have had from the beginning. blackberry. >> it is blackberry, and they had a bad reptution the last few years. >> reporter: it dropped from 20% in 21 to only 4.6% in 2012. the technological eternity has passed since its launch. notice matt lauer innocent wonder in 2000. >> you love this thing called the blackberry? >> i love it. this has replaced my laptop. it's essentially an e-mail pager. >> it didn't take long for sales to take off, the blackberry became the crackberry and then came the iphone and samsung's whole line of smartphones. president obama with a blackberry is more an exception. his daughters and their iphones are now the rule. for many holdouts, the attraction of the old blackberry was the keypad. they have been reluctant to give it up for touchscreens.
7:32 am
in nbc news, this are plenty of holdouts. this is the nerve center of "nightly news." a blackberry there. one puns with an iphone in the corner. the anchor and managing editor, he uses both. >> i would like to, like the reese's peanut butter commercial, combine these two devices. >> reporter: turns out using both isn't uncommon. >> i use both of them interchangeably. sometimes a matter of which one i can find in my purse. >> reporter: nbc luck russert found a lot of dual users on capitol hill. >> reporter: how long have you had your blackberry? >> probably 10 years an iphone about five. >> reporter: why do you hold on to both of them? >> the iphone personal and blackberry for work because the iphone can't handle a high volume of e-mail when it's time sensitive. >> reporter: blackberry says it has the solution, the same reliable work force but now cool enough to hang with the competition. >> blackberry has two new versions of the phone, one with
7:33 am
touchscreen and one with a keypad. the touchscreen will learn how you type to make it more accurate. for those that need the buttons or as brian williams, the peanut buttercup of phones is a blackberry with keyboard, too. >> thanks. the guy who has a lot riding on this is torsten hineins, the ce of blackberry. good to have you here. >> the critics that have look at this device really like it, think you have real innovations. the bad news is they say things like hail mary pass, this is a long shot. is this a do or die moment for the company? >> it is a very important milestone for the company. what we did was not just develop new devices, but have a new computing platform. we're looking more into the future than just the next devices. this is personal computing power. >> we have the devices here. i want you to show the future in a second. but i have to take you back.
7:34 am
there was a time if you had a blackberry and cup of coffee at starbuc starbucks, you were cool. what went wrong? have you stopped to analyze what went wrong? >> it wasn't what went wrong, we had success and what happened was we were too static in our recipe we used to build blackberries. we have changed that with blackberry 10. >> let's look at this device. one of the big innovations is what you call "the hub." can you explain that? >> that's easy and fantastic. the hub is just a collection of all your inflow, all your communications channels, all your social network, notifications. the good thing about it, if i want to respond to a facebook twitter or link message, i can do it outside the hub without opening any applications. >> like a split screen? >> not a split screen, just a great unified in-box, if i want to respond to facebook message, i hit it and respond and don't have to open the facebook application.
7:35 am
you take immediate action without leaving the hub. >> another cool feature, typing an e-mail. it thinks ahead, if you type in ll okay, it immediately gives you a choice in the bottom of the screen, looking and you can thumb it right up and like others do, it gives you other words you might want to use to complete a sentence. in other words, it's doing the writing for you in some ways. >> we call this writing without typing. i read the review yesterday that said this is mind-boggling or even kind of freaky. yeah. the device learns you, learns your personality, learns how you spell, build grammar. i'm a german and knows i'm german english and good for me, too. a fantastic feature. after one week it knows you. >> let's talk about the camera, very important, as somebody who blinks in a lot of photos explain how this new camera could potentially eradicate that. >> ever tried to take a picture of three kids eyes open and napping? we have a great technology we
7:36 am
call time shift that allows you to set the scene correctly over three seconds and then you can edit the faces and really create the picture you want. >> get the best face on all three kids at the very same time using the original photo? >> absolutely. >> alishia keys, your creative directors admitted she actually broke up with the blackberry for a while because it didn't have enough bling. do these things, mr. heins, have enough bling to get people back from their iphones and droids. >> absolutely. we have alecia back. and we changed the user interface, easy to use, just flowing. you don't have to go in and out of applications anymore, does what you want it to do. >> very quickly, the keyboard, for many blackberry devotees, this is the redeeming quality, why we hold on to our blackberry keyboard. will you keep that option for the future? >> absolutely. absolutely. we have so many diehard keyboard lovers for blackberry, we won't let that go. >> talk about a throwback.
7:37 am
this is the one i use to call in air support. air travel on hill 4. all right, mr. heins, good luck to you and the newly named blackberry company. nice to have you here. >> thanks. a pleasure. we want to take a turn and get a check of the weather from a al. >> today's weather is brought to you by universal orlando resort. it's your vacation, just don't take it, mean it. >> let's take a look at what's been going on in montgomery county, maryland, the water, as you can see, got really high really fast as these fast moving systems moved across the northeast. somebody was rescued out of this car safely and other water res ski cues going on through maryland. let's look at staten island, very strong winds, 250,000 people without power from new jersey to new england as the rain goes through. as we look at the radar, what
7:38 am
we've got, this is where we're seeing rain pushing outstem pus and the rain is making its way into new england, causing big problems there, airport delays, as well, backside of this, we have very very cold air. look at these wind chills, 40 below in glasgow, and 30 below in indianapolis and these temperatures will stay chili as the cold air makes i 7:39. a live look at the san mateo bridge. we'll check on your drive with mike in moments. what you will notice in this picture is haze overhead. good to moderate range when it comes to air quality highs today. down right comfortable for the final day of january. 70 degrees in gilroy. 67 in livermore today. 66 degrees beautiful conditions
7:39 am
persist in san francisco. we'll hold onto that for your friday and then temperatures come down just a touch as we head into super bowl weekend. and that's your latest weather. matt. >> al, thank you very much. still ahead, more from the self-confessed mather mind from the manti te'o girlfriend hoax. then a look at the crackdown to get fake nfl gear off the market. right after this. vacation is a precious thing. so this year, make the most of it. fly like you've never been grounded. scream like you've never been shushed. let go like you have nothing to lose. and hold on to what matters most. it's your vacation. don't just take it. mean it. universal orlando. vacation like you mean it. of philadelphia cream cheese.
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7:43 am
force at the super bowl. jeff rossen is in norms. good morning to you. >> good morning. the excitement is building at she super bowl and surrounding it, fans are flooding this area and what are they doing? buying everything they can find like hats and jerseys. some items are counterfeit. these items now are fake. i know you're think, who cares? still getting a hat and 30. officials say some of the money is going to support criminals nationwide, even gangs. and this morning we're with investigators as they crack down. >> reporter: in this super bowl frenzy, officials say criminals are now targeting the fans. they're selling nfl merchandise up and down these streets? >> yes, they are. >> reporter: we went out with this team of federal investigators from homeland security and immigration and customs, on the hunt for nfl counterfeit. we got exclusive access. >> do you have any jerseys
7:44 am
behind the counter, ma'am? >> reporter: hitting store after store. >> can i take a look at the jersey you have behind your counter? >> reporter: finding fake after fake after fake. merchandise that looks so real, even the experts have to look twice. >> why should the average person at homecare about this? >> reporter: the proceeds from the sale of these items support criminal enterprises, like dancing, drug organizations and networks. >> reporter: and they say the criminals are getting better at fooling you. these nfl hats have logo all over them even the official nfl looking hologram. that's fake, too. >> this particular hologram, as you can e, is a shiny piece of paper. >> reporter: most of it is shipped in from china. officials try to stop it at the ports but they can't keep up. at this store, officials seized three dozen counterfeit jerseys. >> jeff rossen from nbc news. >> i don't want to talk, thanks so much. >> reporter: we have questions of the store manager. do you feel bad about selling
7:45 am
counterfeit goods? >> of course. this is the first time i know those jerseys are counterfeit. >> reporter: so why was he selling them way under market value. >> the price too low. selling them for $49.99. the official jerseys are right around $250. >> reporter: we called the store owner but never heard back. >> hello. you have any jerseys for sale, sir? >> reporter: at this next store, investigators confiscated more jerseys and hats and the owner said he had no idea they're fakes. >> where did you get these hats? >> a guy coming around and selling them. >> does that sound like official nfl, a guy coming around and selling them? >> i don't know. >> reporter: but investigators say this next store knew. the owner tried to pull a fast one. >> do you have any nfl merchandise? >> reporter: but when they searched behind the counter, a whole bag full of fakes. >> it is. >> reporter: what does that tell
7:46 am
you he hid this from you? >> they know it's fake and it's wrong. >> reporter: he said he's sorry. all these stores got a warning but in some cases prosecutors filed criminal charges. now, the feds have a message for counterfeiters. >> they're perpetuating this kind of criminal activity, we're not going to give up until we find them. >> reporter: secrinvestigators this will get worse as we get close to sunday. the criminals, they're smart. but they haven't mastered the stitching for some reason. all frayed edges. turn the jersey inside-out. does it look like this, with all the frayed edges around it. that is a fake. let me grab a real jersey. this is a real ravens nfl approved. you turn this one inside-out. look, no stitchesal all. it is absolutely flawless. one of the things we should mention, it's not just stores, savannah. feds are announcing today,
7:47 am
they're shutting down more than 300 websites selling counterfeits, too. >> the price tag is higher on a real one, too. coming up, did the admitted mastermind of the mant tie te'o girlfriend hoax really act alone? and perfume for babies? after these messages. f means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. humira, adalimumab, can help treat more than just the pain. for many adults, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred.ctions, before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region
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7:50 am
questions still to be answered, we promise, about the girlfriend hoax that ensnared notre dame football star manti te'o. did the mastermind act alone? he breaks his silence on the dr. phil show today. >> good morning matt. dr. phil told us tuiasosopo fell in love with the hero and faked him completely with the girlfriend hoax for months. was that part the truth? >> it was -- >> reporter: ron tuiasosopo told dr. phil mcgraw he kept the hoax going for two years and phone calls that sometimes lasted hours. te'o told carey couric his online paramour was the love of his life. >> she was poll meshon
7:51 am
supposedly. loved her face. >> his hoax stster acknowledgine was gay -- >> reporter: he fell in love with manti te'o? >> no doubt. he fell in love with manti. >> reporter: and his voice and sometimes just lennay, was his voice and only his voice and he never slipped once. >> did you ever like wake up and forget to use lennay's voice? >> no. >> you'd think before you spoke? >> i'm not trying to be funny but that's kind of a rookie mistake. when you have kind have been able to mastermind all of this and create not just lennay and her whole family and reality and make it seem as real as possible, that's a mistake that -- i mean, no, i never made that mistake. >> reporter: mcgraw says he asked tuiasosopo to speak in
7:52 am
lennay's voice. >> i pressed him to do that. we ultimately get to that point. >> you're not a guy that shys away from voicing your conclusions. what's your conclusion? >> as i sit here today, i am not convinced it is him. >> mcgraw says he had lennay as -- the ronaiah as lennay voice and will release it. >> thank you very much. coming up, jane krakowski after the local news. [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but your basic paper towel can handle them. especially if that towel is bounty basic. the towel that's durable, and scrubbable. in this lab demo, bounty basic is stronger than the leading bargain brand. everyday life? bring it with bounty basic. the strong but affordable picker-upper... now costs even less.
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7:54 am
♪ don't stop what you do ♪ i won't stop loving you ♪ because i love the things you do ♪ ♪ whatever you do, don't stop [ female announcer ] the laughing cow cheese. ......... it is 7:56. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. we have new details concerning that deadly fire at a sunnyvale mobile home park. we spoke to a sunnyvale official. the fire started just before 11:30 last night at the plaza delray complex on vienna drive. a passerby noticed smoke and
7:55 am
tried to get into the home but could not. the person called 911 and a sunnyvale police officer forced his way into the house and pulled a man out alive. once the fire was out, firefighters then found the body of a woman inside. fire investigators say it does not look suspicious at this point and they are looking right now for the cause. they say the man was apparently renting a room from that woman. we'll keep you posted on that one. right now we'll take it outside and keep you posted on what mother nature is serving up to us. it's spectacular. >> you can't beat it. good morning to you. 7:56. january 31st will feel more like a gorgeous springlike afternoon. we have beautiful conditions and this is the reason why. our energy source is out there already. we don't have that bad of air quality to deal with. we could be worse with an offshore flow pattern. moderate to good range across the board. highs today work out like this. 70 degrees comfortable in gilroy. 68 degrees in fremont. 66 in san francisco. that means you can save money on your pg&e bill. heater won't have to work as
7:56 am
hard. we'll hold onto a beautiful day as we head throughout your friday as well. let's check on the rush hour drive. good morning, mike. >> the drive is horrible for northbound 101 through the south bay. look at this jam north of the 680 interchange heading up toward allen rock. not just here. look at the map. it's slow here. arrows show you where i showed you with the camera. coming off north 280 jammed through the area. arrows show you where things get worse. 101, 87 and 280. a new crash in the backup. earlier sig-alert has cleared. slowing on the peninsula. watch 280. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll be back with one half hour with another local update. hope to see you then. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver
7:57 am
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7:58 am
7:59 am
including super bowl fans, and i have to say we're getting in the spirit around here, and the spirit of any ability to commit or take a stand, i am carrying both the niners and the ravens. >> put one down. >> which one? >> it is up to you. >> i don't want to make anyone feel bad. everybody gets a trophy. >> a little super bowl nfl trivia for you. what is the nickname of the official nfl football? the football itself. >> the pig skin? >> i don't know. >> what? >> the duke. >> wow. >> we have one right here. >> that's very exciting. >> big game coming up. >> natalie and i will be in super bowl cities. i am in san francisco and
8:00 am
natalie will be and we have wagers and a few surprises. >> meanwhile n our studio right now we have two very big stars. we have jason bateman and jane krakawski and jane is here to talk about the season finale of "30 rock" that airs tonight with a special guest appearance by one of our own and jason is here to talk about his new movie "identity thief" and it is a funny one. we look forward to talking to them. >> some of us are in it also. >> you are. i forgot about that. that will not trivia question. >> before we get to that over to tamron hall with a check of the stories of the day. >> good morning, everyone. powerful winter storms across the southeast are being blamed for at least two deaths as residents clean up after tornados ripped through the neighborhoods destroying homes
8:01 am
and flipping cars and trucks and this twister was caught on tape in adairsville, georgia, and another confirmed in tennessee. this morning emergency crews rescued several people from cars that were stranded on flooded roadways in maryland. hostage negotiators intensified their efforts this morning to rescue a five-year-old boy kidnapped from a school bus tuesday in rural alabama after the bus driver was shot to death. police say the boy is being held by the suspected gunman in an underground bunker. secretary of defense nominee chuck hagel faces a senate confirmation here today. michael has more on his experiences in vietnam. good morning, michael. >> tammeron, good morning. when chuck hagel appears before the senate foreign relations committee this morning right behind him will be his younger brother tom, a law professor in dayton, ohio. more than 40 years ago the two were the only siblings to serve in the same army squadron during the vietnam war, a real life
8:02 am
band of brothers that saved each other's lives, shaping chuck hagel's thinking about war to this day. 1968, the bloodiest year of the vietnam war, two young brothers from nebraska fighting side by side. they barely survived. >> a concussion was incredible. it knocked us both down. he was flat on his back, bled all over his chest. >> tom hagel bandaged up and saved the life of his older brother chuck hagel. >> if you really want to understand chuck and his view on the use of force, you have to go back and start at his experiences in vietnam. >> just a month after the hagel's close call, another explosion, and this time it was chuck who carried an unconscious tom to safety. years later hagel was torn when president bush sought support for an invasion of iraq imposing democracy through force in iraq is a roll of the dyice.
8:03 am
>> he ended up voting for the iraq war but later become one of the strongest critics forging a bond with then senator barack obama. >> he understands sending young americans to fight and bleed in the dirt and mud, it is something we only do when it is absolutely necessary. >> today hagel's nomination stirred controversy over his openness to engage iran in criticism of the israeli government. >> i cannot support a nominee for defense secretary who thinks we should be tougher on israel and more lenient on iran. >> tom hagel still has his brother's back. >> we look at each other and say, you know, what can they do to you, send you back to vietnam? >> despite strong opposition from many republicans officials are now confident barring any unforeseen developments they have the votes to confirm hagel and the former nebraska senator will soon become the first vietnam vet to run the pengon. >> michael, thank you very much. for a look at what's trending
8:04 am
today, our quick round up of what has you talking online. no worries, man, the government of jamaica is endorsing a volkswagen super bowl ad labeled racially insensitive by critics. it features a white office worker from minnesota so happy about his new car he uses a jamaican accent to display the attitude. the tourism minister says it taps into the tremendous appeal of jamaican hospitality. and fresh as a baby, doe committ dolc unveiled a luxury perfume for babies priced at $45 a bottle. they say it will cuddle and pamper every boy and girl and has a citrus, melon and honey note that will accentuate the smell associated with babies and this builds a case for giving her the best supporting actress
8:05 am
oscar for "les miserables." ♪ i played a prostitute who died ♪ ♪ i let them give me this new haircut ♪ >> okay. that's emmy fitzpatrick portraying hathaway's performance that earned top honors from the screen actors guild and the golden globes. it is six minutes after 8. back to al. i don't know if i like the parody or the idea of perfume for infants. >> i don't know if you want to smell a baby like a baby all the time. anyway, i do like the parody. pretty good. see what we got all of our ravens fans out here. let's check it out for you. pick city of the day, allentown, p.a., nbc 10, temperatures falling into the 30s. already chilling off here. frontal system pushing through and bringing a lot of rain.
8:06 am
we got about 200,000 folks without power from new jersey all the way into new england. wet weather making its way into the pacific northwest and look for lake effect snow getting together today and some areas spectacular sunrise from high atop san bruno mountain. we're in store for such a treat today. temperatures climbing into the 70s. temperatures close to 70 degrees, not just today. friday as well. we are looking good into super bowl weekend. both saturday and sunday, holding on to the mid-60s. monday and tuesday, temps are going to drop off. we're going to increase those clouds as well. and then the rainy pattern starts to develop wednesday through thursday of next week. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thanks very much. take a look inside on the sofa, jane bateman to talk about his new movie and jane krakowski talking about the end of "30
8:07 am
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8:11 am
tragic death of the 15-year-old girl in chicago that's adding fuel to the national debate over gun violence. nbc with this story. good morning. >> good morning. she performed at the president's inauguration with the high school drill team and tuesday afternoon she was shot in the back leaving loved ones and authorities to deal with her senseless killing. >> she was honestly like the happiest person i show. and i don't know how like how to cope with this because it shouldn't have been her. it shouldn't have been any but especially not her. >> family and friends are mourning the death of 15-year-old hadiya pendleton, killed in a southside neighborhood less than a mile from president obama's chicago home. police say pendleton was huddled with a group of teens to escape the rain when an unidentified gunman jumped a fence anden ran
8:12 am
towards the friends and opened fire. as he left the scene, pendleton's friends realized she had been shot. >> we were all running and we heard gunshots and she stopped running and said, i think i've been shot. i said, will you please stop joking? she said, no, seriously, i think i've been shot and she fell and time started moving in slow motion. >> reporter: police say pendleton was hit in the back and she died at the hospital. another teenage boy, 16, is in serious condition. pendleton was a sophomore at a prestigious high school in chicago, honor student and marching band majorette she was in washington for the inauguration as a member of her high school drill team. her parents, relatives and members of the community grappled with the sudden loss. >> it just hurts to know that another good one is gone. >> the tears in this family, the pain etched on their face is unacceptable to everybody in
8:13 am
chicago. this is sandy hook. this is connecticut. this is newtown, right here. we have to be just as outraged. >> nothing pains you more than calling a fellow parent, trying to comfort them. >> reporter: chicago's mayor, rahm emanuel got emotional when he spoke to hadiya's mother, cleo. >> she had dreams and this gangbanger, punk, took that away from cleo and hadiya and in my view, they took it away from the city of chicago. >> reporter: for a doting dad and devoted little brother, it will be dreams unfulfilled and hearts filled with sorrow as hadiya's father directed his comments to the gunman. >> they took the light of my life. she was destined for great
8:14 am
things. you stripped that from her. >> police say no bullet casings were found by investigators at the crime scene leading them to believe hadiya may have been shot with a revolver . no arrests have been made. >> thank you. such a sad story. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] when you're at the corner of "i'm a new parent" and "i have no idea what i'm doing,"
8:15 am
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8:18 am
i liked. >> back with jason bateman of identity theft. he is a guy named sandy bigelow trying to bring another sandy bigelow who is taking his life to justice. >> come over here and give me your wrists. >> okay. >> now, i have a plan. >> i'm a lady, you animal. >> stop fighting me. >> you like that? you like that? you like hitting girls, sandy? ow! stay down. >> you're like a girl. >> jason, good morning. welcome back. >> thank you. that scene hurt. >> she got you in the throat really good. >> well, the throat punch was a fake. the smacks to the being were real. my nose bled twice during the filming of that. >> during that scene?
8:19 am
>> yeah. she has a lot of anger issues, that one. >> she said physically she owned you during this movie. >> she did. i let her have me. i like to dismissive to women. >> you do? >> we saw that actually a little earlier in the show. >> that was nice. >> you're a producer of this movie. you're the one who saw melissa in bridesmaids and said she would be the perfect identity thief even though it was written for a guy. >> i, like everybody, fell in love with her and what she did that in movie. i went to the premier of that film. and the next day called the studio and my producing partner scott said why don't we switch the thief from a man to a woman so i can work with this woman and let's do it quickly before it gets released by the end of the week. she's way too expensive now.
8:20 am
>> that ship has sailed. the subject is serious. people have their identities stolen. yet you found a way to put comedy into that. >> right, yes. we were doing it this last week and 7 of the 12 journalists we talked about before lunch told us they had their identities stolen. so it happens a ton. yeah, there's -- yeah. it's filled with comedy because it's one of those classic road trip movies. two of my favorite films are planes, trains and automobiles and identity theft -- >> please call your office. >> -- yeah. and midnight run. we tried to mold this in that way. the identity thiefry is a way to get into that. >> you have this very youthful appearance you have to stop and remind yourself you have been doing this a long time. has your perspective changed over the years?
8:21 am
>> well, i'm increasingly more and more appreciative. it's really hard to stay employed in this business. so i feel very, very fortunate. >> but you're on a hot streak. not long ago the changeup with brian reynolds. >> you have to just keep trying to work in good things with really, really good people. and melissa certainly qualifies in that. >> the movie is funny. i'm going to see it. the clips look hysterical. jason, always glad to have you here. savannah is with your love interest. >> she's getting a pregnancy test right now. >> sad fans of fans of "30 rock". after seven seasons, the series finale of the emmy-winning sit couple is tonight. self-absorbed tv store jenna maroney is already looking to the future. >> all television is beneath me. i will only do cinema. >> no one cares, jenna. >> i am going to the city of angels.
8:22 am
a veterinary hospital where i got dog sedatives that help me relax when i fly. >> jane, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> your big scene with dr. oz and jason in a moment. seven seasons, what was it like to be filming for the last time? was this like high school where everyone is seeing, keep in touch. sign my yearbook. >> it was a very tearful good-bye. it didn't settle as reality until we got to the final episode. then there were so many tears from the read through on. i cried so much. i became like known as the john boehner of "30 rock". i could not stop crying. >> for an actress you had a regular job, get up, go to the same place. how has it been since you stopped film something what is the new normal? >> wonderful. i have a 21-month-old son at home. so that is wonderful.
8:23 am
it was awesome to see red carpet reunion with them. but i'm hoping my new job will be outside with lenny now. >> you're welcome. we're actually accepting applications right now for that. speaking of reunion, have you and your other cast mates talked about doing something down the road again, maybe getting back together? >> you mean like a "30 rock" movie or something? >> yeah. a sequel. >> i don't know if that's really going to happen. certainly like tonight for the series finale -- i hate saying those two words -- we're all going to get together and watch it together. as you know, you made a guest star appearance. >> in the spirit of your character jenna, let's make this about me. how do you think i did? >> i think you did wonderful. it's been such a joy to share "30 rock" with all of you here at the "today" show because we have made so many numerous appearances on our show within the show. it has been a joyous seven seasons with you all here.
8:24 am
>> you're being really diplomatic. you think my performance might be the best? >> i don't know. i've had a few magical moments with matt as well. >> a few moments ago i think you had an open mouth kiss with not dr. jason bateman and dr. oz, did you get any tongue there? >> i think i might be pregnant. >> we don't know who the father is. >> well, there's two possibilities. we will see the series finale. jane, it's great to see. >> you thank you so much. always a pleasure. >> come back and visit any time. >> no. the restraining order specifies good morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the three men accused of tying up on elderly almaden valley
8:25 am
couple and ransacking their home, stealing their cars will be in court today. the three are scheduled to enter pleas. among the charges they face, robbery, kidnapping and false imprisonment. the district attorney's office says the men carefully planned the attack. police believe the men were also involved in a three-day crime spree in the bay area before last week's home invasion. right now, want to check that morning commute with mike. problems out there? >> crazy busy is the technical description from the south bay. here's northbound on 280 underneath that 880/17 interchange. very slow here. you see how different the southbound side is. a tough drive here. look at north 101. 9 slammed down from capital expressway up into sunnyvale. 87 showing a little bit lighter drive over the last 15 minutes. maybe some relief. south 280, uncharacteristically slow. very slow. woodside and approaching
8:26 am
edgewood, two crashes there making things tough. and 92 connecting, slow as well. >> thank you very much, mike. i'll have another local news update for you in half an hour. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ]
8:27 am
this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real.
8:28 am
8:29 am
we're back now. 8:30 on a thursday morning, the 31st day of january, 2013. a little breezy here in new york city. temperatures not bad at all. i'm matt lauer, savannah guthrie. al roker and in for natalie, we have tamron hall. >> if you're in for good music, we have that in spades. sounds great. we will get a song in just a few moments. >> he does a scene from the a-team. >> you wish. >> no, he doesn't. >> it's called the a-team. >> all right. dr. oz with join us. he's got some new ways to fight the fat and boost your heart health. he's been hanging around all morning. >> all right. we have our friday field trip kicking off. tomorrow, natalie will be in
8:30 am
balmer and i will be in san francisco, a preview of the super bowl, boothe teams of the harbowl going on. jenna. hey. >> hey, guys, good morning. we are three days away from the biggest football game of the year. no one is really talking xs and o's. the big story is the big sibling rivalry between the harbaugh brothers and when the harbaugh parents decided to sit down and brag about their did kids a little bit, you can bet, we were all ears. >> wow! >> with that one word, jack and jackie harbaugh said it all, the proud parents of two nfl head coaches who happen to be facing off in sunday's super bowl addressed a sea of reporters and cameras. >> you will ask us how we feel on this historic event. jackie, who has it better than us?
8:31 am
nobody! >> and this is like frosting on the cake for our whole family. >> reporter: a long time coming for two brothers and two parents, who wear called the day their eldest son, john, told them he wanted to coach. >> we're having dinner and jackie says, john, what law school will it be? and john said, mom, i think i want to try coaching. jackie went face down into the mashed potatoes. >> reporter: and so followed his little brother, jim and now they're facing off in the ultimate showdown. >> it really is the ultimate showdown. two arch rivals facing each other in the biggest game of the year, especially if it's your brother. >> one guy who knows a thing or two about facing your brother on the football field, last year's super bowl mvp, eli manning. >> what's it like going against a brother? i know you didn't do it in the super bowl. still a lot of pressure there. >> it's fun. see him before the game, shake
8:32 am
hands. the first play, he's on offense and i'm yelling at jason to sack him. hit him! hit him! >> fans are feeling the harbaugh's hardship. >> glad i'm not the parents. >> it will be exciting. those parents, they don't know who to vote for. >> reporter: ask mom, she's hoping they won't have to vote for any. >> i think the nfl changed that rule. i think if it ends in a tie, it will be a tie. >> reporter: just like good son, john and jim have one piece of advice for their parents. >> both of them have shared this with us, mom and dad, please promise us that you will enjoy this. please, please enjoy this experience, and we're trying. i promise you, we're trying. >> reporter: you know, they actually sat there almost an hour talking to everyone. they really enjoyed it. they played to the fans, played to the camera, played to the media. they did not favorites.
8:33 am
they weren't going to go there. they want both teams to win. not going to happen, guys, i don't blame them. they won't pick a son. back to you. >> thank you very much. you're headed to san francisco? >> san francisco will be lovely sunny sky, temperature is in the upper 40s early in the morning and in baltimore, very nice, sunny sky, temperature on the chillier side, only upper 30s locally. >> great. >> let's take a look and see what else we have for your weather tomorrow. cold in the northeast and lake-effect snow showers in the northeast. saturday, more lake-effect snows and snow showers in the appalachians and sunny in the southwest gulf coast, and frigid in new england. sunday-sunday the big game, lots of snow in the northeast. everybody staying indoors, win din the great lakeses, frigid in the great lakeses, showers and nice and warm along the gulfcoast of t
8:34 am
8:35 on a thursday morning. you heard it. al roker is going to be live at the ferry building tomorrow morning. we'll have all that coverage for you starting at 4:30 a.m. sunol getting a lot of sunshine right now. highs are slated to hit the 70s in some cities. 70 in gilroy. really comfortable. and staying comfortable throughout your friday. we'll get into the weekend and we'll lose a few degrees. but still staying nice for this time of year. by the way, we will be at the san francisco building and we want everybody to come down. come on down. we have a cable car, all sorts of food, the mayor is going to be there, it's going be huge, much bigger than what's going on in baltimore. >> wait a minute. natalie is not here. i have to stick up for my sister. baltimore will be great in the inner harbor, a beautiful city. >> it will be fantastic.
8:35 am
>> love it. the tale of two cities tomorrow on "today." coming up, dr. oz shares his secrets for a healthier heart. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
88:38 this morning on "today's" healthy heart and dr. oz is the host of the oz show and here with simple tips to trim the fat. let's remind people of the connection, you have too much fat in your body that causes heart disease which way? >> it puts pressure inside your organs and causes high blood pressure and poisons your liver and insulin and causes diabetes. this morning, i'm talking about fat fighting solutions.
8:38 am
so many tips, people doesn't appreciate it's right there. >> this got my attention and i worry people will think this sounds gimmicky. you call these fat merlts. the first is mct. i heart heard of it. mtc is coconut oil. these are short change fats. why is that important, normal fats like butter and lard are digested in a different way and end up in your hips and waist. these short fats like coconut oil use more like sugars but in a healthy way. turns out in trials people use 100 calories of food a day eating these. >> if you want more coconut oil in our diets, do we take it as a supplement or use it in cooking? >> you have a choice. you could take mct and buy it in bottles. my personal preference is replace butter and other saturated fat with coconut oil. great for eggs in the morning and one-to-one replacement for
8:39 am
butte butter. >> this is another tip you have and very popular right now, greek yogurt. >> this is fascinating. they looked at folks who ate small serving of low fat yogurt before every maleal. they lost 80%. >> why does it do that? >> it sends a message to fat cells it can release the fat within it. fat, within your intestinal system, because you just it an it, when mixed with calcium, becomes soap and basically poops out soap from our body and because of that, we think you're absorbing less calories. and let's talk about one another thing that might prevent you from taking in fatty foods. vinegar is one? >> a lot of folks have been talking about apple cider vinegar but any source, pickles, doesn't matter. it changes how your body uses insulin.
8:40 am
by controlling our sugar levels effectively, we deposit the fat effectively and don't crave it as much. >> you have barley. >> wonderful in oatmeal. i suggest you try it in morning for a change of pace. anti-craving tools, you have to remember, remember nothing else from the fat fighting solutions. roboist, no caffeine, won't have sugar in it and won't crave food and no caffeine to hurt your heart. finally the scent of vanilla. >> you're not ingesting it but the scent. >> use it as a cream or candle. if you light it before you eat, you will crave less and cut down on the fat in your body. >> you will be talking about it on your show all week long. good to have you here. thanks very much. coming up, should your kids still be taught cursive writing at school. this is "today" on nbc. oh!
8:41 am
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back now from bow to wow and finding shelter dogs loving new homes. jill is here. good morning. >> hi, savannah, love the do. even though we're only month month into the new year, it's never too late to live by the new new year's resolution and i always live by the same one every year, opt to adopt now. >> hey, bud. you're about to go from a cage to a castle. >> this is a 6-month-old siberian husky mix. >> look how beautiful he is. sky is still a puppy and very rare special breed. i don't think we've ever had maybe one in five years. >> he was an owner surrender. >> give me a kiss. you want to play? yes. very playful. this adorable guy is named elvis, also a puppy. >> yeah. he's only nine months old and jack russell mix. >> very curious active dogs.
8:44 am
>> very active. >> he is being an unbelievable sweetheart. let me ask you are you a descendent of eddie from the show "frazier?" >> this is the area i lovingly refer to as caddyshack because this is where all the kittens and cats are anxiously awaiting a home. look at this adorable guy. >> this is sheldon having his lunch right now. sheldon is six months old. >> hi. look how sweet he is. i literally took him away from his food and he says, it's okay. all right. very sweet. i'm not sure if you want more of your meal or a nap. >> last but not least, it's boomer time. >> a 2-year-old boxer mix. >> very well behaved and strong like an ox. >> doesn't he do tricks? boomer, i was told you shake hands. give me your paw. give me your paw. ah! shake on it. >> we have richard from the animal care and control in new york. nice to see you.
8:45 am
>> nice to see you. >> let's bring out our first dog, a siberian hust ski, sky. >> sky is very energetic. you have to keep her mentally and physically stimulated all the time. loves to take a bath. gets in the bathtub and absolutely loves the water. she sits. >> does sky need a backyard? she needs space. >> she needs exercise. >> if you have another dog, a bigger dog because she'll tend to dominate the smaller dog. >> she's obviously tame, even willie can handle her. all right. thank you so much. next, we have elvis, who is a jack russell mix. a little puppy. we love jack russells. they're kind of hyper, right? >> very curious, will get into a lot of things. a lot of energy. if you have room on your bed, he will want to get in and snuggle with you. overall a very great dog. >> and great with kids. >> jack russells are very
8:46 am
popular. >> so wonderful. >> other than being a little mischief vows from time-to-time and a lot of energy, this one is especially affection not. >> how much bigger will he get? >> still a puppy. won't get much bigger. >> we go from wow to meow. we have a little kitten. jackie is walking her out. >> another cudler. loves to cuddle. probably purring his head off right now. so sweet. between all the activity and everything going on, you see how calm the cat is. >> the situation with dogs is dire and even more for kittens and pets in the shelter, you really need to get out and adopt them. >> you hear about people adopting dogs. do they not adopt cats as frequently? >> we just get more cats, two-thirds more cats than rescue dogs and why we get more cats in our shelters. >> this one acts like a dog. jackie is in love. jackie, sheldon, thank you. >> last but not least, boomer being watched by none other than
8:47 am
dr. oz. >> yeah. >> tell us about boomer. he looks like a solid little guy. >> boomer, paw, paw. >> that's not the first kiss dr. oz has gotten today. >> why don't you add dogs are good for the heart and blood pressure. >> so much information about being soul mates and pets and cab humans and therapeutic. >> loves to kiss, 2 years old but acts like a puppy and working on house training. >> we want to bring all the dogs and cat out so people can look. >> what do you think, dr. oz, want to take boomer home? >> i have a black lab. i have an flabador. snoop dogs and cats, thank you so much. coming up, we will have a great performance from one of music's breakout stars. this is
8:48 am
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real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. back in december, billboard declared british singer songwriter, ed, the breakout songwriter in 2013. he just earned his very first grammy nomination. to top it off, he'll perform a due etted wit with elton john a
8:50 am
awards show. >> you make it sound all right. >> you are a guy that used to do as many gigs you can do, used to sleep on couches, used to sell self-made albums out of a backpack and now you have a grammy nomination. what's that like? >> it's a bit insane, to be instantly accepted by the american music community. that's the stamp of approval to go there let alone and perform and be nom estimated. i'm looking forward to the whole thing. >> you're going to perform with sir elton john. that has to be a huge deal for you. >> yeah. i had to -- i had to kind of believe that first. quite unbelievable. >> a pinch me moment. >> i was speaking to my dad talking about it. we used to listen to elton john in the car going to school everyday and saying watch me. >> it's one of those things i hope you soak up.
8:51 am
you have a song you will perform for the first time in the united states on our show. the love for lego came from? >> i'm not sure. i think like when i was younger, i could afford the little sets but never the big ones. i always wanted the big ones. now that i'm older, i want the big ones. >> we think you can afford the big sets. and in honor of your grammy nomination, we have this big one. we will get out of the way and hear you sing. get out of there! ladies and gentlemen, ed she sheeran. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm going to pick up the pieces and build a lego house when things go wrong we can knock it down ♪ ♪ the three words have true meaning but there's one thing on my mind ♪ ♪ it's for you and it's a cold
8:52 am
december and i want you to keep me warm ♪ ♪ and keep you from the storm that's raging on now ♪ ♪ i'm out of touch i'm out of love ♪ ♪ i'll pick you up when you get down ♪ ♪ and out of all these things i've done i think i love you better now ♪ ♪ i'm out of sight i'm out of mind i'll do it all for you in time ♪ ♪ out of all these things i've done, i think i love you better no now ♪ ♪ i'm going to paint you by number and color you in ♪ ♪ i think i'll write and it's so hard to say it but i've been
8:53 am
here before ♪ ♪ i will surrender up my heart and swap it with yours ♪ ♪ i'm out of touch out of love i will pick you when you get down ♪ ♪ out of all these things i've done i think i love you better now ♪ ♪ i'm out of sight i'm out of might i will give it all for you in time ♪ ♪ out of all these things i've done i think i love you better now ♪ ♪ hold me down now i think the base is breaking and it's more than i can take ♪ ♪ it's dark and cold december but i want you to keep me warm ♪ ♪ i keep you sheltered from the storm that's raging on now ♪ ♪ now i'm out of touch i'm out of love i'll pick you when you're getting down ♪
8:54 am
♪ and out of all these things i've done, i think i love you better now ♪ ♪ i'm out of sight i'm out of might ♪ ♪ i will do it all for you in time ♪ ♪ out of all these things i've done i think i love you better now ♪ ♪ i'm out of touch i'm out of love i'll pick you up when you're getting down ♪ ♪ out of all these things i've done i will love you better n now ♪ >> ed sheeran. good luck at the grammys. we're back right after these messages. .
8:55 am
good morning. nine er fans, here's a chance t show your pride. al roker will be at the ferry plaza tomorrow morning in san francisco at 4:30 a.m. it's part of a showdown with ravens fans. show the nation we have the best fans around. we'll be out there as well. going to be a lot of fun. let's check the morning commute with mike. >> horribly slow on the peninsula, laura. this is the 101. typical in palo alto. it's 280 that's the problem on our maps. you see the drive down toward woodside slammed because of a next crash here. slow all the way out of milbury. also some delays. we'll rejoin the "today" show. hello?
8:56 am
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8:59 am
♪ and we're back now with more of "today" on this thursday morning, the last day of january 2013, as you hear more from ed scherin. a little bit of a blustery day at rockefeller plaza, but it's not stopping the people outside our studio, perhaps to see tamron hall, but more likely to see ed scherin. i was sitting here, watching all these young ladies wave welcome and they're like, no, move. i was blocking their view. for that, i apologize. >> when i was here, the last time, freezing, and the girls lined up just to get a glimpse. i love his hair. >> and he plays. can we talk about the elephant in this room right now? >> what? >> there's a scent. shall we call it a smell, wafting through the halls of
9:00 am
fabled studio 1a. what's happening here, just because you can smell it, obviously at home, there's the rich smell of brussel sprouts. and a certain kind of brussel sprouts. tamron's going to be cooking for us a little bit later in hour. she's got her own home-cooked meal and there have been some, shall i say, complaints. >> yes, there are complaints currently. i'm listening to them and throwing them away. people keep coming up to me, saying, what are you cooking? what is that smell? and it's not my cooking. >> then what is it? >> i went into savannah's room, and i don't know what's going on, but i don't know what it is, i believe it's sg's dressing room. i'm just going to leave it at that. >> wow, what?! >> but the smell, i promise you, it can't be my brussel sprouts, until they got like some z-grade brussel sprouts in some way. >> just to orient our audience. the kitchen is upstairs, we're downstairs, yet like we're still getting it, like a blast furnace
9:01 am
of brussel sprouts. >> it smells like backed up sewer. i'm putting it out there. but willie will be eating that a little bit later. >> how's that a tease for the cooking segment. put on your hazmat suit and we'll all go cook with tamron hall. >> i'm so embarrassed. >> i'm sure it's going to be great. okay. let's get to today's take three. and we're talking about this big blackberry overhaul. the new blackberry 10 operating system will be released. two new phones coming out for blackberry, the q-10 which still has this physical keyboard, and then the z-10, which has the digital keyboard like the iphone. here's the blackberry touch screen. >> i like that one. >> like it? >> i like the screen. >> it's a lot like the iphone. here's the iphone. it's the same concept, you can swipe around, get apps. what they've done for this new iteration of the blackberry is, they improved the browser. because that was the problem for a lot of people. great for e-mails, but not so great to use the web. i guess the question now is, if you've gone to iphone, if you
9:02 am
left blackberry, what's your incentive to go back to blackberry, all things equal? because the price is pretty comparable too. >> we've both had blackberries and now we're both iphone people. i have to say, i'm tempted only because i feel like i'm being played by apple. every other month, there's a new product. i hear there's a new ipad coming out. i now have the iphone 5. i stood in line for every generation of iphones. i feel like that's my problem. i'm going to get over that and i'm working it out. >> you're steve jobs' dream come true, by the way. >> i have been played. so i'm really tired of always hearing a new report about a new apple product, so it makes me kind of tempted. but i'm not buying anymore iphones, period. i'm done. >> really? you're done? >> i will not -- i promise you, i will not spend another dollar on a phone. it will be 80 carrying an iphone 5 carrying around at the home eating tapioca. >> still trying to find the plug. >> what's up, willie? >> we just got her off the rotary phone a few weeks ago. i think what's missing the from the blackberry is that one thing that gives it the edge over the iphone. >> what?
9:03 am
>> sort of equal, comparable with the technology now. they've come up to the iphone standard. >> is it faster? >> no, it's not faster. it's all things equal, but the price is about the same. >> we'll see. >> on the subject of the way we communicate, by the way, big piece on the front page of the "wall street journal" this morning, talking about the fact that they don't teach cursive handwriting in schools anymore. a lot of school districts are just getting rid of it. they say, we don't use it anymore, what's the point? we'd rather spend that time teaching people how to use a keyboard. the question is, when is the last time you sat down, not signing a check, when's the last time you sat down and wrote a sentence or a paragraph in cursive? >> i keep a journal, and i have since third grade, and i go back and i tend to read what i wrote, even the day before, and i'm like, what was i thinking? what did i say? that's the only time i write. but after years of being tortured in catholic school and hit over the hand to have great penmanship, my handwriting is terrible. >> let's check it out. let's check your cursive skills here. what is this?
9:04 am
>> it's a marker. >> mine is not -- >> no, you pull that off! this is my message to you about my cooking. >> chill, will. >> chill, will? >> meaning back off my cooking. they can see that clearly. >> here's my -- oh, you have beautiful -- oh, you do that on purpose. you wanted to do this segment so we could hand off your handwriting. >> that's beautiful penmanship. >> brussel sprouts. >> you misspelled sprouts. >> did i? >> no. just trying to get you back at something. >> we're going to continue to get this week's smells. our take two is "30 rock" signing off after 17 years, the nbc hit is saying good-bye. tonight is the last episode. it was a cult hit, never quite had the ratings it probably deserved, but it did so much for tina fey and especially alec baldwin, brought him back into our lives, and tracy morgan, of course. so we'll miss this show. were you a fan? did you watch it? >> i'm a huge fan of the show.
9:05 am
it is one of those things when you think about how something can be critically acclaimed but then the masses don't watch the show. much like the oscars. you think about all of the films that, you know, i don't know, saw number 99 and it made $50 million, but a movie like "beasts of the southern wild" makes a minimal amount. it's intriguing. i don't know what it says about critics and mainstream, but this show is genius. there's no doubt about it. >> we will miss it. the last episode tonight, an hour special. >> do you have a party planned? >> i'll probably watch it with my wife. >> i'll bring over the brussel sprouts. >> no, no, no. let's get a quick check of the other headlines this morning. >> all right, willie. cleanup is now underway after a series of deadly storms rolled through the eastern half of the u.s. at least two deaths are being blamed on the storms that have left entire neighborhoods in southeast littered with the debris. cell phone video shows one tornado even touching down in georgia. the weather system is now making its way through the northeast, where flooded roads and actually trapped some people in their cars. an emotional plea from
9:06 am
former congresswoman gabby giffords on the issue of gun control. giffords spoke for just one minute at wednesday's senate hearing on the issue. she said too many children are dying and now is the time to pass gun legislation. wayne lapierre, the nra's vice president, also spoke, saying the government should not dictate what people can lawfully own. police in arizona are searching for the gunman who shot up an office building and killed one person. police say the 70-year-old suspect got into an argument with some people in that phoenix building when he pulled out the gun and started shooting. two other people were also critically hurt. a top-ranking democratic senator is being questioned about trips he took to the dominican republic. this week, federal agents removed dozens of boxes from the office of a prominent florida eye doctor whose trip with senator robert menendez prompted an ethics complaint. a spokesperson for senator menendez says the senator recently wrote a $58,000 check for two flights to the company owned by that doctor, after
9:07 am
questions arose about the trip. a squatter who took up residence inside a multi-million dollar florida mansion must now get out. the eviction papers were served on wednesday, because the 23-year-old man, who called this $2.5 million mansion home for about a month. his story got a lot of attention after he took up residence in the house, citing the adverse possession law. bank of america is actually the owner of the home. and this little guy's feeling the burn, you might say. check it out. little bandit is too young to go outside for his walk, but he's determined to get in daily exercise, even if it means sharing a treadmill with a pal. the pit bull puppy apparently could not get the hang of it, but like the song says, it's the thrill of the flight, and bandit definitely has, shall i say, the eye of the tiger. go, bandit! >> look at his little legs. >> but he needs to get away from the backside. it's dangerous there. it's nine minutes after the hour. now let's get a check of the
9:08 am
weather from dylan dryer. >> good morning, guys. we've had so many cute puppies on the show today, but someone else the girls think are cute, you've got ed scherin, and then these guys. we're looking at a pretty interesting situation setting up across the great lakes. we've got this huge upper level low and the winds are very strong over the great lakes and we'll see the chance of lake-effect snow. we have lake-effect snow warnings in effect all across erie, pennsylvania, up across western new york, western michigan as well, and we are looking at the potential for 12 to 18 inches of snow, perhaps even more than 2 feet of snow in some areas over the next 72 hours. and i really don't think they're screaming for the snow. 9:10. getting a live look over alcatraz. camera has a little bit of a shake to it. offshore winds clearing your skies of clouds.
9:09 am
going to be a nice, warm day. look at this, 70 degrees in gilroy. 67 for livermore. 65 in concord and 66 in san francisco. holding on to the warmth throughout tomorrow. over the weekend, we'll shave a few degrees off. still staying nice and mild, above average. monday into tuesday, clouds increase. then we get our next round of rain on wednesday. have a great thursday. and that is your latest forecast. tamron? >> all right, dylan, thank you. a journalist is on a worldwide chase to find proof that a man on trial for crimes against humanity is actually the cloned son of jesus christ. you got that? well, that's the premise of a new religious thriller, "the sixth nation" by author linda str stasi. so you were saying in the break, i'm a tabloid writer. meanwhile, you got me hooked to your book last night.
9:10 am
>> it took me six years, five countries, three continents. i traveled with an exorcist priest, i studied with monks -- >> is this a bar joke? >> the joke is, what's a jaded tabloid writer like me doing in a nice place like this? i'm in a monastery with priests and, it was just an incredible, incredible amount of research. but i think i found something that is absolutely, i believe, has the dna of jesus christ on it. and it exists and it exists in a monastery in italy. >> and you have found, you expect, the veil of veronica. explain, because it's not in the bible. >> it is the sixth station of the cross. in almost every catholic church in the world, they have the stations of the cross, which are events that happened as jesus was carrying the cross. now, the sixth station of the
9:11 am
cross depicts saint veronica wiping the face of jesus and a miraculous image appeared on the cross. well, the saying is, there was no veronica, but there is a veil of veronica, and it actually, i believe, is the burial cloth -- >> look at this matchup we have here. what are we looking at? >> on the left side is the shroud of turin, a negative, not a positive image. on the right side is the actual veil of veronica. when the two are merged together, you actually get the real face of jesus christ. they match up precisely. they are hundreds of miles apart. so in the book, "the sixth station," i actually traced the veil through 2,000 years of history and how it ended up in this little monastery. so you say, well, how could it be, if st. veronica never existed, that was a story made up in the middle ages, and what it actually means is, veranica
9:12 am
is latin for true icon. so what i believe is that this was jesus' burial cloth. because 2,000 years ago, they put a cloth on a man's face, a jewish man's face and he died and then they wrapped the shroud around it, which is why, according to a lot of researchers, these two images were together. >> wow. at one point. >> i have to say, it has some feel, at least, to the da vinci code. >> thank you. >> in a religious thriller kind of wade. linda stasi, thank you very much. the book again is "the sixth station." up next, steels and deals. up to 80% off everything from perfume to jewelry, with jill martin, next. the amazing scent of gain. wow! you know, if i had a team, you'd be on it.
9:13 am
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9:16 am
right around the corner. remind everyone how this works before we launch in. >> go on to right now. everything will sell out quickly. they have been. these are gifts you can give to someone else or to yourself for valentine's day, great staples. >> let's start out with the love scarf. i love the feel. >> 100% cashmere. retail $132. this is unisex. celeb fans include katie holmes, jennifer aniston and oprah, available in 10 colors. look now nice it is on you. >> this is so weighty. normally $132? >> the deal is $39, 100% cashmere. if you want it, go online now. >> popular gifts with valentine's perfume. >> do you speak french? >> my mother is a french teacher but i took spanish so i will do my best for tamron hall. that's all i know. the retail is $240. it's a three piece set in three
9:17 am
fragrances each. the first is nantucket. go online. the second one is cashmere ma and the third is odevere. each comes in an etched perfume bottle from ritz carlton. $48 for the set and 80% off. i sprayed a little bit. i love the smoefl brussel sprouts but love the smell of this. >> you're so mean. >> cashmere adar is beautiful. next, what is valentine's without a beautiful bouquet. these are organic flowers? >> just for our viewer. $189.85. equal friendly roses grown in an organic environment. we're showing them in a vase. they come 50 in a box so you can split them up and put them around for yourself. the other thing is check the shipping, prices vary.
9:18 am
retail $189.95, the deal, $56.95, 70% off. >> i like that these are organic. you can actually smell the roses now. a lot of flowers have been removed of all their scents. these are beautiful. next up, kenneth j. lane heart. >> these are pendants. heart stud earrings or pendants, rhodium silver or 18-karat gold plate a 16 inch chain. they're 18 carat gold plated total three carats, sold at nordstrom and celebs include anne hathaway and duchess of cambridge. the retail is $79. the deal, $18. >> wow! >> that's 77% off. >> that is excellent. this is so pretty. >> and classic. >> everybody would love that sxwrrkts i think. >> last but not least, what is valentine's day without -- lingerie. someone to wear this for or for
9:19 am
yourself. the lace underwear set, sells $46-42, the floral lace comes in three colors an smooth lace comes in three patterns, all low rise. retail $36-42. the deal is $10. that's up to 76% off. >> i like these. >> yes. this is something for a special occasion. >> is it illegal to hold these up? >> i don't think so. >> i don't want to break any laws. >> not illegal for me. >> the love scarves and fragrance and cherche midi and organic bouquet and jewelry and lace underwear. log onto for coupon code and steals and deals, jill martin will put those on later. she's trying to try them on now. i'm not ready for them. just ahead. celebrity homes for sale from ashton kutcher's bachelor pad to an l.a. apartment.
9:20 am
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9:25 am
of the executive producers of a documentary called "the invisible war." according to the film, more than 20% of female veterans have been sexually assaulted while serving. >> if we can prevent sexual assault in the military, i believe we can prevent it or reduce it in our larger culture. >> she talked to us exclusively. the film nominated for an academy award. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this.
9:26 am
lots of sunshine here. we'll check on in drive with mike in just a moment. that was san jose. you are just as sunny in san jose as you are in the north bay, east bay. looking really good. highs in the 70s today. 70 degrees in gilroy. 67 for livermore. temperatures getting just about as warm around the immediate bay. 66 in oakland and 66 on the oceanside in san francisco. you just can't canbeat it for t final day of january.
9:27 am
getting into the weekend, temperatures drop off just a touch. not expecting any significant rainfall, however, until wednesday. let's check on the rush hour drive with mike. >> still very, very crowded through the south bay. san jose, christina showed you 280. this is 101 just north of 680. the map shows you red through the area. up in towards sunnyvale, slow drive starting back at the 680 interchange. red means speeds are down into the 20s at time coming off that interchange for north 101 and north 280. north 85 slow as well. that's not the worst of it. we have unusual slowing still going on, south 280. unexpectedly slow down into woodside coming out of san mateo and slow from millbrae toward highway 192. earlier crashes and bright, bright sunshine caused everybody to slam on the brakes through that corridor. 92 now recovering between 101 and 280. this zone was a nightmare. >> let's hope it eases up just a little bit. we'll have another local news update coming up in half an hour.
9:28 am
if you're a 49ers fan or just a the "today" show fan, join us, al roker will be at the san francisco ferry building starting at 4:30 a.m. have a great day. he went back. he doesn't want to do it. there you go. you can do it. there you go.
9:29 am
[ applause [ applause ] >> the ravens! >> that settles it. the ravens will win the super bowl. jimmy fallon's scientific way to predict the super bowl. i wouldn't necessarily bet on that but maybe a good predictor of things to come. i'm willie geist and tamron hall. we are in the prep kitchen. i owe you an apology. it smells wonderful, fish and brussel sprouts. >> nothing like the dog food. >> what did he say zbrnchs. >> looks nothing like the dog food on jimmy fallon. >> i thought we were girls. what happened. >> you've only been cooking for a year. >> keep going. >> considering you've been slopping around in a kitchen for a year, loser, thanks. >> too late now, my friend, you're in deep. he's out there for today's friday field trip. natalie with be with the super
9:30 am
bowl rivals in baltimore and we're in the kitchen because tamron will whip up a nice meal for us. >> i will share with you because i like you a lot. >> basically i've been cooking for a year. dedicated a lot of time and energy. a friend gave me a cooking class last year and since then, i think i've accomplished something i want to share. >> good. we look forward to it. >> meantime -- my hands are sweating, i'm not kidding you -- did i put on deodorant? it's all nerves right now. >> we have your back, as you can see. >> let's see if i have your tummy. most americans will be watching the big game sunday from their living room. believe it or not, there is still time to buy a really big big big willie style tv. we'll tell you where great deals are. i don't believe in big tvs? >> no. >> what do you have a 19-incher to watch the super bowl? terrible. do you want to live like a star? if you have millions of dollars
9:31 am
burning a hole in your pocket. we'll check out celebrity homes for sale from ashton cukutcher barry bonds. >> i smelled brussel sprouts and that won me over immediately. i'm serious with that. weather will get better. it's time for counterfeit food. as the colder air starts to surge back in we are done with severe storms yesterday and last night. tomorrow, the wind over the great lakes unfrozen will produce a lot of lake-effect snow. we could end up with two feet of snow within the next 72 hours, snow possible in the northern plains and ohio river valley sunday and showers northeast as 9:33 on a thursday morning. al roker will be live from the ferry building tomorrow morning starteding at 4:30 a.m. right here on "today in the bay." we have a little bit of wind
9:32 am
shaking this camera over san francisco. but it's not too bad. the offshore winds are going to bring your temperatures up into the upper 60s and low 70s today. that means 70 degrees in gilroy. 67 for livermore. 66 in oakland and san francisco. we'll hit about 68 degrees right here in beautiful san jose. weekend brings about a cooler trend. >> that is your latest forecast. willie. >> thanks a lot. to today's real estate with a peek inside at celebrity homes for sale across the country. today's real estate contributor, barbara, good to see you. on balance, is it an advantage to have the celebrity name attached to a home? does it bring more money than it might get otherwise? >> that's the million dollar question. everyone is asking how much value does it add? my guess is between 15 and 25% depending how popular that celebrity is for the moment. >> ashton kutcher is a pretty popular guy and has a nice bachelor pad. >> good looking. >> no question. coming up, the apple movie coming out and playing steve
9:33 am
jobs and you now can have his home. >> you can have it a beautiful place. 2.85 million, a long way from the prices in the town he grew up in grand rapids, michigan you can get the same home for a tenth of the price. he actually, before he married demi moore, renovated the entire place with his dad. think they should have hired a stager, every wall is done by him and his dad and open plan with high ceilings and two story wine cellar that hold 210 bottles in the background and a lush and private backyard that really adds the value in this house, a three-tier cascading waterfall. pool and spa. that is a beautiful house and well priced. >> $2.85 is a fair price? >> only because his name is attached to. i other than that, not at all. >> serena williams, has an apartment on the market for $1.85 million. >> this is really a starter home most great celebrities start on wilshire boulevard. this is only $1.85 million.
9:34 am
it only has two bedrooms, this is what you get. 2400 square et. she paid a little bit less than $500,000 less for it than she bought it. she's looking to make a killing. beautiful, show eswhite, clean, a place anybody can move into. walls of windows and nice city views. that would kill me the window on the left, i would feel like i would fall out of it. the building has a concierge and spa and gym and the corner terrace and too bad it wasn't a little bit higher with the city views. >> we're making a big leap also in los angeles, barry bonds, a little bit of infamily given his steroid past. 25 million bucks. he was on house arrest a few years ago for obstruction of justice. is this where he's on house arrest. >> actually, he's trying to appeal the house arrest and didn't want to serve the 30 days. why wouldn't you want to do
9:35 am
those 30 days. it's a mediterranean state with 2.5 acres and wait until you see the living room comes with the bear and fish tank and tv. kind of a wacky rendition of a room. everything in this place is fancy. soaring ceilings, some as high as 30 feet tall. hand-painted murals. that's the gym the guy works out in a man-sized gym, all he needs is a mike khouw angelo on the roof and that's your pool and house in the background, big backyard not. but for $25 million, it's overpriced. >> $25 million is a steep price to pay. our last one is howie mandel malibu place going for 7.75 million bucks. a good deal? >> a good deal. it's a clean house. you cannot find a speck of dirt in his house, nuts over germs. he's asking $500,000 more than a year ago.
9:36 am
is he going to get it? yes. the malibu market is hopping. he's smart to take it off the market and cash in. there's an all white kitchen. is that clean enough? look at that floor. i don't think anybody has ever made a meal there. theater, office, gym, guesthouse, meticulous bedroom and out back it has a flat lot with a huge patio. that's beautiful, that house. this one will fly off the market. >> a beautiful house. that "deal or no deal" goes a long way. nice place, howie. not bad. up next, tamron shows off those cooking skills. we cannot wait. we'll join her in the kitchen after this. rgin i do have a healthy diet, but there are foods that i had no idea had so much acid in them. my dentist said that the acid in fruit, or fruit juice or fruit teas softens the enamel so that then it can potentially erode. once that enamel is gone, it's gone.
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to answer your questions. at walgreens, we'll do more than help you get well. we'll help you stay well and live well. because that's what it really means to be at the corner of happy and healthy. a couple days ago you may have heard tamron tell us she spent the last year, finally at the am in of 29, learning how to cook. we decided to put her to the test this morning. yesterday, we asked her to come up with something special. she's here to show us the skills. back story first, you decided you wanted to learn how to cook at this point. got yourself some lessons? >> yes. >> where are you now in the process? >> a year later, i think i'm oka okay. i think i'm like a lot of people. for 29 years eaten every meal in takeout. my mom, love ya, not a good cook
9:41 am
either. i come from a second generation of bad cooks. my dad did all the cooking my entire life, every meal. i decided to learn to cook partly in honor of my dad and partly to survive. okay. what are we making? >> we're making a dish i make for myself probably two or three times a week. one of our amazing "today" show team members has been my coach, the wing beneath my wings. this is me recipe but i mastered it. you start off, you score your fish. that basically means you cut through the skin of the finish. that keeps the skin of the fish from crinkling. you try it. i like bronzino because it's a light fish. you can use any white fish. and add a little more on both
9:42 am
sides. i'm in the infancy of my cooking. you salt that bad boy up. i have to get a signature thing like bam but not bam. i don't have it yet. you put a little pepper on there on the other side, too. i'm really nervous, i have to be honest. >> let me do it for you. >> my hands are shaking. the deal also heat your oil up and put the oil in the pan. what was taught to me was the oil needs to dance across the pan. you place your fish skinside down, go ahead, willie. about five minutes, all you need, five minutes, make sure the heat is hot. that's one of the mistakes i made, sticks to the pan, doesn't look very good. once you flip your fish on the other side two minute, this is what you come up with. >> a quick hit. >> you have five minutes on the skin side. remove your fish, plate that. i would suggest you put it in a tent of foil to keep it warm. now, your sauce.
9:43 am
shallot, a sprig of thyme i only learned three months ago what a sprig of thyme was. i had to google it. put it in there. then, willie, i put in white wine. a lot of people don't like to cook with what they think is alcohol. you're not boozing it up. cooking the alcohol out of it. let that simmer and go down to half of what you have. here's your sauce. i am from the south and love butter. put in a little butter in there and whisk that up for me, willie. >> that is strong. >> that's what you come up with. >> once you put this down, put it over the fish. it's amazing. every cook -- oh, my god! >> by the way, you're one to talk. >> i'm sorry. >> tamron learning to cook, that is my stick. >> this is brussel sprouts. i roast every vegetable.
9:44 am
it's amazing, try one. dig in. this is from boulevard, a famous restaurant from san francisco, potatoes with arug la whipped in. i made this, not this but one like it and savannah, i have mastered at least five things. >> let me tell you something, i was watching your segment. i actually understood what happened. you went nice and slow for people like us. >> we're in different categories, you're a beginner, intermediate. >> well i can still fa breeze this. >> this is where i am -- >> this time next year, i will be further along. >> you didn't taste my fish yet. >> these are delicious. >> this is burning but i will take care of it. the recipe is on is it? >> it is now. >> i'm proud of you.
9:45 am
>> my dressing room smells great. you writer just teasing. >> i'm in full sweat. i think i'm going through the change. >> the big screen for the big game, best tv deals right after this. will this. will willie, eat! one. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas. no hoops to jump through. i earn more cash back on the things i buy the most. [ woman ] it's as easy as... one! -two. -[ all ] three! [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
9:46 am
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9:49 am
tech, if you've been in the market for a television, turns out super bowl season is the time to find a good deal. mario armstrong is our digital contributor, ravens style. we know who you're rooting for for the big game. >> obviously. >> the question is how are you going to watch the game? how should we watch the game. >> the first thing i want folks to do, cut out the cardboard or whatever you have around the house for the screen size. a couple tips you should know. do the research online, read the reviews and know the size you actually want in the space. also, invest in sound, many have puny speakers and don't sound great. cut out a piece. this is 47 inches. if you were to hang this up on the wall, it would give you a sense of what you're shopping for. most importantly, when you're doing super bowl events, the angle. not everyone will be watching this dead on. people will be looking at it at an angle and make sure the tv
9:50 am
has a good angle for viewing. >> and look at it from all scenarios. >> don't hang it too high. >> you don't want to be in the front row of a movie theater, don't hang it together. >> what is the average price? the more money you spend the better? >>. >> that's not always the case, depending on the room side you're in. you're talking 700 to 1,000 for these specials. this one is an lg, under 600 bucks. this one is at target, looks great, beautiful, for $579, a great tv, 77 inches, not huge but will fit in most rooms. >> this one is pretty easy to mount compared to others? >> lightweight. you want to make sure when you are mounting you're looking out for lighting an any of those issues. also the height once again of mounting. one drawback with this guy, two hdmi ports. those are the things you connect like your cable box and dvd
9:51 am
player, not a lot for a lot of folks, you may want four. >> why do you like this one? >> this is a sony, internet tv, bigg bigger, 50 inches and off by 200 bucks on and internet tv and you can get access to hulu or web content. >> good for a family that can use it in a lot of ways. >> the big dog, 60 inches, smart tv. >> you can connect to the web and pull up facebook or youtube or huh huhulu. >> you don't need a computer. >> this one is very huge, 60 inch. you look at the side, very thin. the issue is puny speakers. the sound on these things -- i went to my aunt's house, if she's watching, don't get mad at me. this is my wife's aunt. she had beautiful screen, beautiful playoff game going on, puny speakers. i'm hooking you up, got to get
9:52 am
that sound bar. >> pretty good deals. we're back in a moment at nbc. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals
9:53 am
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9:54 am
tomorrow, super bowl theme, field trip, al live in san francisco and natalie in baltimore. >> first your news and weather. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients,
9:55 am
from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. it is 9:56 now. good morning. i'm marla tellez. oakland is suing to keep a medical marijuana dispensary open. a san francisco federal judge will consider the suit over harborside health center today. the justice department wants the suit dismissed because it says harborside has continually violated a federal ban on the selling of marijuana. the chp will continue to provide support for the oakland police department. chp is extending its partnership with the city for another 30 days. oakland is now asking for more state and federal monies to continue the partnership. a cold start to your thursday. let's get a look at the forecast
9:56 am
with meteorologist christina loren. >> thanks, marla. we have a good-looking day shaping up if you like sunny, mild conditions and upper 60s and 70s for the final day of january. going to be really comfortable. just about as comfortable for our friday. a little bit more fog to start the day. transitioning into the end of your seven-day forecast, the return of rain. enjoy the 70s while they last. 90 in gilroy. 67 for livermore. getting into your friday, just about as warm. temperatures start to drop off this weekend. rain moves in through wednesday. let's check on your drive, good morning, mike. >> good morning. a tough morning. we're going to switch over to the east bay where we haven't really focused because there hasn't been a lot of unusual traffic flow. a big, big slowdown through fremont. this is past the tesla area and the truck scales. it extends from coming out of union city passing by dakota road all the way down toward 237. a couple of earlier crashes has cleared. northbound route, tough through the southbound because of
9:57 am
earlier crashes but finally the roads are starting to recover. south 280 finally better now through san mateo, 101 still slow. >> mike, thanks so much. another local news update for you in about 30 minutes. if you're a 49ers fan, join us and al roker at the san francisco ferry building tomorrow from 4:00 to 7:00 in the morning. we'll be out there live all morning long.
9:58 am
. from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford
9:59 am
and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> we're so happy you're with us today. it's thirsty thursday. boy, are we thersy. how many days left? >> day six. >> today we're drinking a strawberry basil mocktail. we always say they're great. just missing one little thing. >> i can't put my finger on it. >> you whan we are excited about, though, hodie? >> we are going to be heading out in about a week. >> yeah. >> we are going to sunny california. we will be doing two weeks of shows there. santa monica place near the third street promenade on february th and sunday the 10th. >> we'll give you more details, but we want you to come out because we want a wild and raucus crowd. >> think of spring break. >> but dress appropriate.
10:00 am
>> i don't know how chilly. i don't even care. i'm wearing summer clothes because i feel like i want to be in summertime. no matter what the weather will be. >> it can be very chilly. don't say that, hoda. >> i don't care. i'm doing it. >> it won't be. >> we're excited. we're going to have a fun two weeks in february. it's like our sweepstakes, you know what i'm saying? >> i think that starts -- dmroo it does. >> what is this plea for an oscar winner? >> it's so funny. ann hathaway was in "les mis "sxoi she sang that song so beautifully. it was beautiful. so there's a woman who decided she was going to have a little fun with this. it's a viral video. they call it for your consideration. the actress's name is emma fitzpatrick. she's trying to remind voters why ann hathaway should, in fact, win. >> deserves that oscar. ♪ i played a prostitute who died ♪ ♪ her life was really sad and
10:01 am
awful ♪ ♪ but i was bold and not afraid ♪ ♪ i let them give me this new haircut ♪ ♪ and i lost half my body weight ♪ ♪ but then they never did a wide shot ♪ >> a wide shot. >> give her the oscar. >> she's apparently an actress, but obviously a singer. she's got some chops on her. >> she went to usc. >> i read that somewhere, but i might have made that up. well, guess who else is -- guess who is performing at the oscars? >> very excited about this. i wonder who is going to be an omage to the great, great -- >> barbara streisand.
10:02 am
she's going to be singing. the last time they say that she performed was the night when she sang the theme from "a star is born," but she just had a concert because i went to it. >> no, on the oscars. last time she performed on the oscars. >> you know what, she always has a lot of -- >> she's retired several times, but so has cher. >> i think people have the best intentions to retire, like regis, then you say, like, people are demanding that i be back and so they go back. >> speaking of good singers, we have a good one today. his name is ed sharon, and if you don't know him, your kids probably do. he is singing a great song. listen to this. you might know this song. ♪ go outside tonight and she flies in her motherland sells love to another man it's too cold outside ♪ >> he sounds a little like jason mark, doesn't he -- or mraz in
10:03 am
him? he is terrific. he is going to perform for us. >> now, the super bowl is coming up, and i know at least from a lot of my friends because there's not a team that everyone has known for years or followed like dallas or the steelers or the giants or somebody, a lot of people aren't really as interested. >> not as caught up in the hooplah. >> they are excited about the two brothers that will be playing. >> the two brothers. i decided -- i know you are picking -- >> i'm going with the ravens because i grew up in maryland, and frank has great friends on the owner of the team. >> i'm going for the ravens because i watched the blind side. did you see that? do you remember? >> i loved it. >> oh, my god. that's michael orr. >> that's me. i stole it. >> looks just like you, sandra. i hope that michael's mom will be there in the stands. i'm sure she'll have a shout-out. >> every year we say we're not going to have our super bowl party. >> are you doing it? >> we have said it every year, and always done it, and this year we are really not doing it.
10:04 am
>> really? >> really not doing it. >> how come? you just decided not to? >> we're old. we don't really like anybody anymore. >> you are over it. >> not people we want to spend that kind of quality time with, no. >> a lot of people do -- >> we are getting old. >> you don't want -- >> it's a lot of work. >> you know what, though, your super bowl parties are crazy. good. i'm coming over. >> we'll have it. >> whether you like it or not. knock, knock, knock. >> not one person is calling to say what about the party? not one person has called. >> we have a man who has predicted the super bowl. it's not jimmy fallon, but it is his dog. >> they get it wrong, though. >> not this year. this year they're right. we're going to watch. this is how jimmy did an unscientific study of who will win the super bowl. take a look. >> he went back. there you go. you can do it. take it.
10:05 am
there you go. the ravens. oh, my goodness. >> wow. >> yeah. >> nobody -- >> the other one is just sitting there. the 49ers. >> they're not the sharpest tacks on the board. they are fighting over one bowl when they could move a few inches to the left and have the bowl all to themselves. >> you are right. >> not very smart. they're adorable. >> right. >> look how cute they are. oh. >> they really are. what's happening with your puppy? >> i want a puppy, and i have one that came on the show. do you remember? buffy. >> who was precious. >> and then -- >> buffy was already taken. >> i know. i wanted to have the family on so we could have a fight, but we decided not to. i would just like to wait until after the book tour. >> now you got to wait until after we get back from california. >> i'm doing it in march. >> i'm warning you about. it's never a good team. it's like being pregnant. there's not a good time. just do it where. >> march is going -- >> i can't do it in february.
10:06 am
>> this is like a child, hoda. it's not the last trip. you don't throw it up with your jeans and think it's going to be there when you get home. you know this. >> i have a dog walker already. before i have my dog. >> she's a dog feeder too. >> are you ready for some fun? >> no, no. >> this one is good. >> this is what i really missed. >> this is an old school song, so it's going to take you back. you need to close your eyes. go back in time. listen to this -- >> is it doris day? >> you are going to want to dance. >> oh. "can't touch that." ♪ she's a very kinky girl >> right off the bat i hate it. ♪ the kind you don't bring home to mother ♪ >> called hoda. >> i wish i could hear it. ♪ she likes the boys in the band. >> i bet she does. >> get ready.
10:07 am
this is where it gets really good. ♪ it's the right time >> ready? ready? here we go. ♪ that girl is pretty wild ♪ the girl's a super freak ♪ the kind you read about ♪ every kind you meet >> it's hard to remember that she was once "dateline" hoda, and now she's into super freak. you know what this means. >> i know. >> an excellent well-written song. >> speaking of inspirational, are you the same woman who wrote this "new york times" best selling book two weeks in a row? hoda woman, i'm proud of you. give it up for hodie. >> give it up. that was a big surprise. we wanted to thank people because people were sending in those photos. remember we were going to have a contest. >> we forgot all about them. >> we asked you to send a picture in of what you looked like ten years ago. >> after. >> we were going to invite you
10:08 am
to lunch. we have the winner of this. these are the second place winners. we have five of them. >> they are going to -- >> signed copy ten years later. >> aren't those cute? look at the before and afters. look at her. look at all the weight she lost. >> good for her. >> look at him. come on. look at him. >> and look at the three of them in the wagon. look. oh, wait. >> you can barely -- >> the grand prize winner, hoda woman? come to new york and have lunch with you. >> and with you. >> and a signed copy of the book. her name is julie westhoff. julie is here with her niece. she's on a break from chemotherapy. fast forward ten years, and look at that christmas celebration. look at her. >> breast cancer and ovarian cancer. you know what, hopefully she's going to feel great when she comes to have lunch with you and me. >> and you. >> it's time for okay or not okay. >> here's the question. is it okay to bring your kids to the salon and spa for treatments?
10:09 am
here are the answers. >> of course, it is, and doing it together is even better. oh, you. >> yes, it's okay, but only if it's for special occasions. let's not start a weekly maintenance. >> you know, keep the brazilians until at least they're 13. >> that's disgusting. >> that's just not right. >> remember this. we're playing this getting your game on thing where we find a couple of people outside. >> sara is outside. we're going to take two. >> we have a great crowd out here today, you guys. >> i want the girl with the dog. >> kathie wants you. hoda you got a big crowd out here. >> go to -- >> yellow, yellow, yellow. yeah, right there. come on. bring it on in. >> that's turning out to be a fun thing. i think it's a lot of fun. >> hair and makeup. we cannot wait to check out their hot new looks. our ambush makeover and two lucky ladies right after this.
10:10 am
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10:13 am
philadelphia sets the standard. ♪ >> all right. time for our plaza ambush makeover where two lucky ladies are plucked from the plaza and surprised with head to toe new looks. makeover magic. today contributor and style tois the stars loose is lacari, la, la, la, la, la. sdmroog whoa. >> people style watch, contributing editor and author jill martin. now, what an interesting day outside. it started off stormy in new york. >> have you ever experienced that? >> no. >> the wind was worse than hurricane sandy where i live. >> i woke up at 4:00 a.m. and thought what are we going to do for ambush? who is going to be there? >> there was a crowd. there was a small crowd. it was rainy. it was windy. we found two great -- >> she's 40 from boston, massachusetts. she spends hours trying to
10:14 am
manage her hair every morning, but she never is happy with the way it turns out. she was thrilled at a chance to get a brand new style. let's listen to her story. >> tell me what you're feeling right now? >> i'm just, yeah, really nervous. not sure how this is all going to turn out. i don't usually change my look very often, so it's going to be interesting. >> all righty. guess who is with us? jim, her husband, and her daughters briana and jamie. keep your blindfolds on, and he'll give you a green light when to take them off. here is cindy before. all right, cindy. let's see the new you. ♪ come on, vogue >> oh, nice. >> all right, kids. take off your blindfolds. >> oh. >> all right, cindy. you ready? >> oh, my gosh.
10:15 am
>> you look great. absolutely great. >> you look great. >> that's not me. >> that's you. look right there. louis, tell us about the hair. >> cindy, you look so gorgeous. >> you look great. >> she had highlights that were too light for her face color. i made her hair just a slight more warm brown, and then brigitte gave her this great haircut. she looks fantastic. >> kids, dad, what do you think? >> looks great. >> there it is. love that dress on her. show it. >> macy's is helping us on our -- >> she's working it. >> with this dress lauren by ralph lauren, and just a beautiful wrap dress. i know. great for valentine's night too when jim goes crazy. big applause for cindy. you can join your family. our second lady is sharon, who is 69 from seattle, washington. she told us that she spends so little time on herself that even her family has started yelling at her for it, so she jumped at
10:16 am
the opportunity to come pavrperred for a few hours. let's hear her story. >> i know it's been a tough few years, and you really want this for mom. >> i do. i'm really excited about this. >> and you tell me that you have a love affair with new york, so tell me what your ultimate look would be. >> oh, i don't know. young, sexy. i don't know. >> i think we can give you that. what do you think of all this? >> that would be great. that would be fun to see her that way. >> she has come to the right place. she's here with her beautiful daughter jennifer. let's take a look at sharon and bring the new sharon right out. ♪ feel the rain on your skin >> oh, my god. that is sassy all right. don't look. she wasn't going to wait for it. wow. >> sharon, turn around and look at this. >> put your glasses on.
10:17 am
love. >> that is beautiful. >> i wish you could see the back of it. that's gorgeous, that haircut. look at that. >> that is so cute. >> it's darling. >> well, we have something pretty drastic there. stoo pretty amazing, right? this just shows the power of the haircut and hair color and a little bit of makeup. we made -- you are sassy. let me tell you. and young. the bangs and the hair color. her hair color was too blonde, too faded, and all of a sudden we just gave you that -- we gave you ten years. >> easily ten. look at the body on this woman. >> i love her. nothing says sassy like sequins, so this is ing from macy's, and not your daughter's jeans, which she loves. she loved the jacket when she put it on. >> that is a -- >> i love it. i love it. >> well, keep having your love affair with new york. >> thank you. i love new york. >> be careful, sweetie.
10:18 am
>> thank you. all right. it's puppy love. >> oh yeah. so cute. >> right after this. the natural energy of peanuts
10:19 am
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10:21 am
2013 north american car of the year. ♪ for a limited time, take advantage of this exceptional offer on the all-new cadillac ats. >> it's time for web tossic where sara will be digging up the video you'lling forwarding to all your next friend. sara, the puppy pin wheel. >> this video was created by a small scottie breeder in colorado. the puppies love goat's milk and have an unusual habit every time their favorite drink is served. check it out. >> come on. >> how cute. >> their tail always goes opposite of whichever direction
10:22 am
they go. that's how they vy for position. i'm sure one started to walk and they all followed. >> that happens every time? >> every time she puts the goat milk down that happens. >> that is adorable. >> it's -- >> it's the most adorable thing. >> our second video, hate to stop that one, but the second video comes from youtube featuring a door knocker that comes to life. ♪ >> ow. ♪ >> oh, my gosh. one more. got do see it, and go. ♪ >> it's a young girl too. the funny part is when she shows her face -- >> this is ownerry stuff. >> there's actually a man that's in a wheelchair and asked for help to deliver the package to get them to go, so those people are all being good samaritans
10:23 am
helping someone take a package and then -- >> she knocked on the face. >> look how young the girl is, though? >> she knocked on her face. >> that was sweet. >> they're doing a good deed, and that's what they get for that. >> no good deed goes unpunished. >> it is time to spin that wheel. we're going to find out what we're playing. we'll get our game on. >> i can't wait to see where it lands. >> we are going to do what? >> then if you plan on spicing things up in the bedroom this valentine's day, we have apps that will help you keep the home fires burning and continue spinning. >> billboard magazine called him the break-out star of 2013. a performance from grammy nominated singer songwriter ed sheeran. first, your local news and weather. a big party for the big game. let's see if walmart's low price guarantee can make you the mvp of savings. look at that price. wow! walmart lowers thousands of prices every week. if you find a lower advertised price, they'll match it at the register. no way! yeah! touchdown! ready? get out! that's the walmart low price guarantee! see for yourself!
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10:25 am
edelicious hershey's chocolate with 30% less fat? hershey's simple pleasures chocolate. 30% less fat, 100% delicious. good morning to you. it is 10:26. i'm marla tellez. san francisco police are looking for a suspect wanted for an attempted sexual assault. he's accused of an attack that happened back on january 7th near 39th avenue and clement street. investigators say this 35-year-old choked a woman and then stabbed her in the head inside her own home. police consider him armed and dangerous. he drives a 2011 dark gray toyota seneca with license plate number kuman 77. after the break, we'll check the forecast and also look at the roads. but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese,
10:26 am
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10:27 am
welcome back. the time is 10:28. oo little murky here over san francisco. a little hazy. but the good news is our temperatures are going to climb towards very warm levels for this time of year. 70 degrees for the final day of january, not too bad in gilroy. 69 in santa teresa. 68 degrees today in los gatos. your full forecast reveals major changes. just around the corner, we'll take you through the changes at 11:00. let's check your drive. >> fremont looks slow but it's much better than it was just about half an hour ago.
10:28 am
but it's still slow getting here. the map will show you the jam for south 880 continues heading down toward the crash which is now over on the shoulder approaching 237 on the southbound side. still backed up coming out of union city and in through fremont. very late for that to be a commute issue. a northbound side of 101, also very late for this amount of slowing. 880 all the way up to 237. we have slowing for 85 as well. still in the northbound direction. >> thanks. we'll have more of the day's top stories coming up in 30 minutes. we hope you'll join us at 11:00. if you're a 49ers fan, join us and al roker at the san francisco ferry building tomorrow from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. we'll be there all morning long. ♪ >> back now with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. valentine's day is probably the
10:29 am
one time you want to put away all the iphones and gadgets and cozy up to the one you love, right, hodie? >> that sounds like something you would say. there are actually some fun apps and web sites that make it easier to set the mood and keep the romance alive, and guess who is here, carly. >> we want to know why. >> she's the founder of did you >> less talk. let's have a beautiful valentine's day with the ones we love. let's start with bra shopping. >> i hate bra shopping. >> right? true and company wants to change all that. you go on their website and take a two minute fit quiz like what's your favorite bra, so do the girls fit in it and all that kind of stuff, and they pick out all kinds of hinges that they think would fit well on you and you choose five thaw like. you can keep them for a week, have a sexy fashion show for your man. return the rest. >> now, bras are so expensive, aren't had he? >> they really are. >> they start at $45, but the
10:30 am
shipping is free both ways. that's how that works. >> all right. >> everybody looks better by candlelight, right? >> yes. or in the dark. >> so cue the lights, right? these are these beautiful flameless candles. they're made of wax. just like candles. they won't burn your house down when you're making out. some of these are on remote control. >> no, they're not. >> you can, like, get frisky and then just click and everybody looks better by candlelight. >> what are the price point? >> they start at $16. >> cute. >> okay. if i don't feel good about my body, no one gets to see me naked. that's the rule. i need all the help i can get. it's a little band that talks to your phone. it's going to track your workouts and help you track what you eat and eat a little better. it's going to coach you. also has a bonus feature that i love where it will wake you up with a vibration, a silent vibration on your wrist. if you want to head to the early morning workout class, you won't wake up your spouse, and now everybody is happy.
10:31 am
$149. >> it's important. why are you yawning? >> i don't know. >> let's wake you up. >> what is this? >> this is about the temperature wars. okay? i have heard -- you have said many times that you sleep in the buff to try to stay cool in bed. this is for you. i want you to lied down on this bed. tell me about the chilly pad because it's a heating and cooling mattress pad. this one is heating up. this one is getting cooler. >> wait a minute. okay? what is she supposed to do? >> you're just going to lie down and feel the beautiful coolness of the mattress pad. >> does it feel cool? >> it comes in king and queen. >> it's at 50 degrees. >> turn it up. >> bigger ones come with dual zones so your husband can be warmer, you can be colder. no one fights over the temperature. >> it's almost like i'm looking for where a fan is hitting mre, but it's not. it's underneath. >> this goes you should your bed. you have the remote control to
10:32 am
control it, and there's cool water that is circulating in here. >> i like it. >> does it feel comfortable? >> i'm confused because it feels like there's a vent coming, but -- >> that's the air. >> there's a vent. that's because there's a vent. >> yeah, works great. love it. >> come on over here. >> get over here. >> we talk about music. maybe you don't know everything there is to know about music. >> hoda does. >> songza will take care of that. they have music experts, dj's, musicologists. they are creating play lists based on mood. i have one here about candlelight dinner. you might -- we might have a little bit of barry white coming out in a minute. >> there it is. >> nothing puts you in the mood more. zi love barry white. yeah. >> you are going to hear norah jones on this and ereka. then if you want to jump in the sack later, there's a whole different play list for that.
10:33 am
>> she's nasty. >> i had no idea. >> i did not know. >> okay. let's say you want -- moving on. let's say you want to have a romantic trip, last minute at a hotel. you want cho technical out hotels tonight. this is an amazing website, an app, that gives you last minute deals that go on sale the day of. sometimes up to 70% off of hotel rooms. the ones near us in new york are live get, but -- >> i love edinburgh. what an amazing city? i love it. >> it gives you the price? that's great. terrific. >> alabama or england? >> that is england. >> there is a big difference. >> be careful. >> just warning you. >> they're in your city. they're in tons of cities. you can book a hotel. >> this is it. >> we've got a lot going on. >> thanks. >> i love you both anyway. >> happy early valentine's. >> is your home making you sick? healthy house tips to make you breathe easier after this.
10:34 am
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[ female announcer ] eggo waffles are a great way to get your family together for breakfast. in fact, they might work too well. [ ding! ] [ shuffling, scooting ] [ clears throat ] [ children laugh ] [ female announcer ] golden, crispy outside. warm and fluffy inside. we are one good-looking family. [ children laugh ] [ female announcer ] eggo waffles. simply delicious. welcome back to "today's" healthy home. if you have been avoiding the outdoors sow don't get sick, turns on the it may be more unhealthy to stay inside your
10:38 am
house. >> experts say there may be up to five times more air pollution inside your home. >> oh, my gosh. >> here with tips to keep the air fresh is jevon o'connor, deputy editor of "prevention magazine." >> i remember it's "prevention." >> health. >> you don't often think of that. you think the bad stuff is outside. >> actually, with the windows closed in the winter, you're talking to 100 times worse air quality. >> let's start in the kitchen, shall we? a lot of people put the vents on when they're doing stuff. is that the right thing to do? >> every single time you cook, you want the vent on your range running. on high if you can deal with the noise because it takes moisture, steam, smoke out of the air. otherwise, your family is inhaling it for hours after you cook. >> when you are cooking, you have the choice, obviously, of use the back burners or front burner. >> if you can remember, use the back burner. the air more readily will get sucked into the vent that way. >> how do we get to this age? >> i don't know. but you did.
10:39 am
>> all right. what about painting? a lot of people obviously do that and that's one of those things that did. >> if are you introducing new furniture or doing a paint job or -- >> this is the time when you want the windows open and fans running because they can release volatile organic compounds. >> what did k you do if you have to get it done? >> use a zero voc certified pabt. look for a green seal. again, if you can keep the windows open at least a little bit helps. >> crack them. >> now to the bathroom, which you know that's trouble. >> you know that's trouble. every time you shower, you need to run the fan. you need to -- >> what if you don't have a fan if. >> you can get one installed. it costs a few hundred dollars. make sure the fan is going outside your house and not to your attic. moisture can go on the surface and create mold, which then you'll have a mold problem in your attic. >> what about people who live in apartments? >> have you no choice. >> you don't have a choice. that's life zoosh can you talk to your super.
10:40 am
there might be regulations in certain areas that require them. >> good luck with that. >> in the city, no chance. >> one time i was in my house, and the carbon monoxide detector -- >> went off? >> went off. i didn't know what to do. i opened the windows. what causes it? >> what did do you about it? >> i opened all the windows and went back to bed. i was tired. >> oh, hoda. >> from your car, they release carbon monoxide. you immediate them on every floor of your house, including the basement. there are new gadgets. >> pay attention to them when they go off. >> i just take my shoe and just bang it. >> the windows are open. >> in the middle of the night is not a good time to die, hoda. >> i'm sorry you have to deal with this. i have to on a regular basis. >> you want them wirelessly connected. you want to be able to hear it on the second floor of your house if you are so lucky to have a three story house. you can wirelessly connect them. it cost bz $60. if one goes off, they all go
10:41 am
off, and then you listen to them. >> hoda turns off three of them. >> that's right. when you are tired, you are tired. what about the radon gas? >> this is really important. radon is an odorless radioactive gas, and it's in homes all over the country, which is bad news because it's the second leading cause of lung cancer in the united states. the good news is for $14 you can get a kit at any hardware store, and that includes postage and lab fees, and that will -- you'll be able to test to find out if you have high radon levels. if you do, you need to hire a professional to filter that out of your home. >> wow. >> all good info. >> absolutely scared the you know what out of us. thank you so much. >> absolutely. his u.s. tour is sold out, but you get a front row seat right here. >> british singing star ed sheeran just ahead. >> cute. ♪ stuck in her day dream ♪ been this way since 18 back f. featuring 5 delicious new entrees to choose from. f. go creamy and dig into rich new penne di mare with shrimp.
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>> the toyota concert series on
10:46 am
"today" brought to you by toyota. >> british singer-songwriter ed sheeran has set his sights on an american takeover. >> his debut album "plus" is already a massive five times platinum hit in his native u.k. >> the success of that record has resulted in sheeran's own headlining tour right here in the u.s. an upcoming tour with taylor swift. >> really? >> grammy nominations for the song "the a team." singing that very song ed sheeran. ♪ white lips, pale face, breathing in snowflakes ♪ ♪ burnt lungs, sour taste light's gone, day's end, struggling to pay rent long nights, strange men ♪ ♪ and they say she's in the class a team stuck in her daydream
10:47 am
been this way since 18 but lately, her faes seems slowly sinking, wasting crumbling like pastries and they scream the worst things in life come free to us ♪ ♪ because we're just under the upper hand go mad for a couple grams ♪ ♪ and she don't want to to go outside tonight ♪ ♪ and in a pipe she flies to the motherland and sells love to another man ♪ ♪ it's too cold outside for angels to fly ♪ ♪ angels to fly ♪ ripped gloves, raincoat ♪ tried to swim stay afloat ♪ ♪ dry house, wet clothes ♪ loose change, bank notes
10:48 am
weary-eyed, dry throat ♪ ♪ call girl, no phone ♪ and they say she's in the class a team ♪ ♪ stuck in her day dream been this way since 18 but lately her face seems slowly, sinking, wasting crumbling like pastries and they scream the worst things in life come free to us ♪ ♪ because she's just under the upper hand goes mad for a couple grams ♪ ♪ she don't want to go outside tonight ♪ ♪ because in a pipe she flies to the motherland and sells love to another man ♪ ♪ it's too cold for angels to fly ♪ ♪ for an angel will die covered in white
10:49 am
closed eyes hoping for a better life ♪ this time we'll fade out tonight strainz straight down the line ♪ snaet snaet ♪ straight down the line ♪ ♪ because we're all under the upper hand, go mad for a couple grams ♪ ♪ we don't want to go outside tonight ♪ ♪ because in the pipe we'll fly to the motherland and sell love to another man ♪ ♪ it's too cold outside for angels to fly ♪ ♪ for angels to fly ♪ and fly ♪ fly ♪ for angels to fly, to fly, to
10:50 am
fly ♪ ♪ for angels to die >> wow. love him. >> terrific. >> thank you, ed. >> now, get ready to have some fun, everybody. two lucky contestants, who aren't always lucky. >> yes, they are. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
10:51 am
♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious.
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10:53 am
♪ >> it's time to get your game on where two fans are schoezen off the plaza and brought inside for a little fun. let's find out what we're playing, and meet the contestants. >> hey. >> we have maria and chanel. >> we are playing what? >> match that. what's going to happen is you're going to have 60 seconds on the clock, and you're going to go to the magnetic board to match the middle part of the body and the feet and the head to the celebrity. can you help or distract the other team. >> time on the clock.
10:54 am
go. >> all right. >> this one -- >> got that? ♪ >> get the legs. get the legs. >> no -- >> wear not done. >> we're good. we are so done. >> you are done. >> what does that mean? >> hoda indeed and chanel took the prize, and now its time -- >> we didn't even do the head. >> it's over. >> it's been -- dwloo yours is broken? >> back off, barbie. >> what's your broken, kath? >> i broke a nail trying to get
10:55 am
the -- >> we've been done for ten minutes. >> hoda kotb and chanel. >> chanel! >> yes. >> i'm sorry. it had to be. we couldn't -- >> look. >> look. i still can't get it on. >> oh. >> oh, listen. oh. oh. last mention of your book i ever do. >> that's it. >> coming up tomorrow, we're throwing a super bowl party. everything -- >> i'm not. i'm not going to be here. >> and we are wearing red for heart disease. oh. we are going to change some healthy habits. >> enjoy your thirsty thursday. way to go, chanel. oh!
10:56 am
10:57 am
10:58 am
progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ what do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter. new at 11:00, a deadly fire now under investigation in the south bay. we talked to the man who saw the flames. plus, working some damage control.
10:59 am
a 49er player backpedalling on his controversial anti-gay remarks and his coach and teammates step up to defend him. i do believe we're going to start to see change. >> a movie bringing a military secret to the surface. jennifer siebel-newsom speaks exclusively to us about her oscar nomination. and right now, a live look outside. that is the san mateo bridge, a little haze there. but also some sunny skies all around the bay area and a warmer day in store for you as we close in on that week. you're watching nbc bay area. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. we have new details this morning on a deadly fire at a mobile home park in sunnyvale. one woman is dead and police now investigating the cause. neighbors there also spending the morning talking about exactly what they saw as the smoke started to rise.
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